Is Vitamin E Lethal?

Written by Dr. Randy Wysong

Recentlyrepparttar news carriedrepparttar 149302 story that a researcher had discovered that taking vitamin E at a level of 400IU or more increasesrepparttar 149303 risk of death. (Jan 2005, Annals of Internal Medicine) I was immediately suspicious because I have studiedrepparttar 149304 scientific literature on vitamin E for over two decades and have come torepparttar 149305 exact opposite conclusion. Hundreds of studies have shownrepparttar 149306 beneficial effects of vitamin E on numerous modern diseases including cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, claudication, arthritis, fibrocystic breast disease, epilepsy, infertility, intelligence…you name it. This evidence comes from carefully controlled clinical trials and meta-nalyses and is published in peer-reviewed publications. So what gives with this new “scoop?” Why di it receiverepparttar 149307 headlines while allrepparttar 149308 other studies aren’t? Actually this new information is not new at all. The researcher merely investigated mortality statistics from existing studies and came to a conclusion that people should not take 400IUs of vitamin E (exactly what I have been taking for years and recommending to others) or they may die. In effect he wrote an editorial on other people’s work. That is not science. Althoughrepparttar 149309 writer conceded his conclusions may only apply to those who are already seriously ill and not to healthy people, that isrepparttar 149310 only balance given inrepparttar 149311 article. He examined 19 different vitamin E studies performed by others including almost 140,000 people. Surely it would seem statistical meaning would emerge out of that. But as science (and life) always goes,repparttar 149312 truth is inrepparttar 149313 details…details too often left out. For example in one ofrepparttar 149314 19 studies, large doses of zinc were also given and this can create a copper deficiency which can lead to heart and other diseases. Although a copper supplement was given, it was inrepparttar 149315 form of cupric oxide, which is poorly absorbed inrepparttar 149316 gut. In another ofrepparttar 149317 studiesrepparttar 149318 group being givenrepparttar 149319 vitamin E were much sicker to begin with, including larger numbers of smokers and higher numbers of those with coronary artery disease and high blood pressure. Of course there will be greater mortality in such a group, but it would have nothing to do withrepparttar 149320 vitamin E they were taking. Another study was skewed byrepparttar 149321 fact that participants were also taking a synthetic form of beta-carotene, which has been linked to increased lung cancer and liver damage. You can’t give vitamin E and synthetic beta-carotene to a group and blame mortality on vitamin E! Finally, not one ofrepparttar 149322 studies usedrepparttar 149323 natural form of vitamin E. Vitamin E is a mixture of tocopherols: alpha, beta, gamma and delta. But only alpha- tocopheral was used. Not only that, butrepparttar 149324 synthetic isomeric form, D, L-alpha tocopherol was used in many ofrepparttar 149325 studies. Natural vitamin E exists in onlyrepparttar 149326 D isomeric form. The synthetic L form is not produced in nature and may even interfere withrepparttar 149327 benefits ofrepparttar 149328 natural D form.

Celebrex Side Effects Lawsuit Lawyer

Written by Anna Henningsgaard

The Food and Drug administration urges people to stop taking Celebrex, but even sorepparttar drug has remained onrepparttar 149301 market. Recent studies have found that Celebrex causes heart attacks and strokes at higher doses. These same problems have lead rival pharmaceutical company Merck & Co to remove its painkiller Vioxx fromrepparttar 149302 market. However, Pfizer,repparttar 149303 maker of Celebrex, is leaving its dangerous drug onrepparttar 149304 market.

Celebrex is an anti-inflammatory drug that does not contain steroids. This particular variety of anti-inflammatory is known as a COX-2 inhibitor and is used primarily to relieverepparttar 149305 painful symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It has sometimes been prescribed for other uses. Some patients on Celebrex have suffered severe stomach bleeding, especially those who consume alcohol while onrepparttar 149306 medication. Other medication, including over-the-counter aspirins and ibuprofens, must be carefully monitored and cleared by a doctor if combined with Celebrex.

Celebrex should not be taken while a woman is nursing. Many people are vulnerable to violent allergic reactions to Celebrex, and these problems should be taken to a doctor immediately. The number of adverse reactions to Celebrex is growing every day as complications arise from this dangerous medication. If you or someone you love has been taking Celebrex unaware of these serious health risks, or if they have suffered serious complications resulting in injury or death, contact a lawyer about joining inrepparttar 149307 lawsuit against Pfizer, reclaiming damages, and forcing this harmful drug offrepparttar 149308 market. ga

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