Is Today the Day?

Written by Brande McCree

As America today has takenrepparttar steps needed to protect our freedom and what we believe in, are you ready to takerepparttar 122593 steps needed to build a productive and successful business?

The outcome of our business is up to us. If something wasn't working last week, why would it this week? Make a change, whether a small one or a major one, it doesn't matter just make can makerepparttar 122594 difference.

We often hear about ads that don't work, butrepparttar 122595 change of only one word can completely changerepparttar 122596 response you get. Ads are only an example.

As leaders we often hear that things just aren't working. The first question we need to find out is what people are doing, then from there we can help them "tweek" their efforts to best suit them.

I want to address what I find to be true in a lot of cases. When people start out with a business, they want to try EVERYTHING. There is such a thing as spreading your efforts to thin.

Are You a Runaway Brdie?

Written by Jeff Neil

Are You a Runaway Bride?

By Jeff Neil

Did you seerepparttar movie "Runaway Bride"? If you didn`t, or don`t completely remember, let me bring you up to speed.

Runaway Bride is a story about Maggie. Now Maggie was an intelligent woman, in her thirties, but confused. She was confused about what she really wanted in life because she didn`t really know who she was.

Unfortunately Maggie developed quite a reputation in her small town. She was known asrepparttar 122592 runaway bride.

Through out her life Maggie had fallen in love with several different men. She made plans to marry each of them. But when it came time to say "I do", she ran. Literally.

Then it was back to her normal life working atrepparttar 122593 hardware store until Bob, another potential husband, came along.

Bob wasrepparttar 122594 local high school football coach. Bob knew Maggie`s history and reputation. But he wasn`t worried. After all, he was a coach. He could teach Maggie what she needed to do.

"Focus, Maggie". That was Bob`s advice.

Sadly, Bob didn`t getrepparttar 122595 results he was hoping for either. You guessed it. Maggie ran. But Bob sure gave some good advice.

Focus. That`s something we all fail at, at one time or another. And it`s something really important here onrepparttar 122596 net.

Many would be entrepreneurs have a lot in common with Maggie. But they`re not running around looking forrepparttar 122597 perfect man. They are trying to findrepparttar 122598 perfect affiliate program or business opportunity.

They jump from one program to another, looking for that sure thing. Trying to findrepparttar 122599 perfect way to make money and fast.

Ready forrepparttar 122600 bad news?

There is no perfect man. I know. I am one. A man that is. And there is no perfect affiliate program or money making opportunity either. But there are good ones. It`s just a matter of finding it. And making it work.

Now I`m not about to tell you how to chooserepparttar 122601 right man... or woman for that matter. I can`t. I don`t have a clue.

But there is a way to choose a good affiliate program or biz opp...

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