Is Someone Plagiarizing Your Work?

Written by Michael Southon

About two weeks ago I received an article submission that immediately attracted my attention. The title was identical torepparttar title of an article I wrote and which was published in 'WebProNews' in May 1999.

"Probably just a coincidence", I thought to myself, and kept reading. Butrepparttar 129699 first paragraph stopped me in my tracks. It was quite clearly plagiarized from my article. As I kept reading I recognized sentence after sentence that had been lifted from my article and then modified slightly.

The whole article was plagiarized. I could hardly believe it. Asrepparttar 129700 English say, I was 'gob-smacked'.

------------------------------ What Is Plagiarism? ------------------------------

'Plagiarism' comes fromrepparttar 129701 Latin word 'plagiarius', a kidnapper. Here are two dictionary definitions of plagiarism:

'[to] take (the work or idea of someone else) and pass it off as one's own' (Concise Oxford Dictionary, Third Edition, 1999).

'to appropriate ideas, passages etc. from another work or author' (Collins Dictionary ofrepparttar 129702 English Language, ed. P. Hanks 1979).

Plagiarism can be done in many ways, butrepparttar 129703 most common technique is to paraphrase someone else's words.

Here's an example:


"And if you've matchedrepparttar 129704 ezine torepparttar 129705 product you're selling, you've reached your target audience."

Plagiarized version:

"If you have correctly matchedrepparttar 129706 ezine or newsletter torepparttar 129707 product you're selling, then you will have reached your target audience."

As you can see,repparttar 129708 plagiarist has simply takenrepparttar 129709 original and then replacedrepparttar 129710 phrase 'you've matched' withrepparttar 129711 phrase 'you have correctly matched', insertedrepparttar 129712 words 'or newsletter', and replacedrepparttar 129713 word 'you've' withrepparttar 129714 words 'then you will have'.

Part ofrepparttar 129715 reason that plagiarism is so rampant onrepparttar 129716 Internet is that many people genuinely believe that it's okay to take someone else's writing, make a few changes, and then present it as their own.

---------------------------------- Is Plagiarism a Crime? ----------------------------------

As far as I know plagiarism is not a crime in most countries, and this is probably because plagiarism is so difficult to define. How many words does a plagiarist have to substitute and rearrange beforerepparttar 129717 copied version ceases to be a copy ofrepparttar 129718 original?

This is why plagiarism is much more difficult to deal with than copyright theft. A copyright thief simply steals your work, lock-stock-and-barrel. A plagiarist steals your work and disguises it as their own.

But while plagiarism may not be a crime, it is heavily sanctioned in professions that are based onrepparttar 129719 written word. I know of one professor of sociology who lost his job almost overnight because he plagiarized someone else's work. And in journalismrepparttar 129720 consequences of being exposed as a plagiarist would berepparttar 129721 same.

Simple Writing For Super Sales

Written by Grady Smith

Is your sales letter not converting readers into buyers? It just might be your choice of words.

Listen. People donít stop by your site to be wowed by your stunning prose. They want to be sold. Andrepparttar fact is your sales letter needs to be compelling, but you also need to write clearly and use words that wonít trip up a sixth grader.

Bottom line, your goal is to communicate. To do so properly,repparttar 129697 reader needs to fully understand what youíre telling them. You can achieve this by going through your copy and replacing words like facilitate with help. Do you see what I mean?


Your sales materials should never contain technical terms. Always write your sales letter fromrepparttar 129698 angle that someone reading it has no experience or clue about your product. The end result will be better clarity, and more profits.


Right after you design your headline, jump right intorepparttar 129699 heart of your offer.

Donít waste any time or words explaining things that donít hit atrepparttar 129700 bottom line. Your goal is to provide a no fluff explanation of howrepparttar 129701 reader will benefit with your product. If your paragraphs or sentences donít drive at this, then you need to change them or remove them completely.

Nothing turns a reader off faster than reading a jaw-dropping headline, then readingrepparttar 129702 first few sentences that donít compliment what grabbed them inrepparttar 129703 first place.

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