Is Pursuing a Degree Online really for you? Who Should and Who Should Not?

Written by Rose Musyoka

Stanford University’s Online Lessons Learned

Stanford University’s Center for Professional Development has recently completed a survey of those that have been successful in completing online degree programs globally. The results of their research provide useful guidance for anyone considering an online program. The findings of their research are summarized here:

  • Best for motivated, self-directed students who have a definite goal. The Stanford survey confirms thatrepparttar best students are those that don’t need constant attention and guidance, and most importantly, have a clear goal for their educational degree.

  • Online learning attracts students who would not otherwise have taken courses.The survey shows that it is definitely an either-or situation for many students – many don’t take classes at all unless they are offered online.

  • Need for recognition and achievement.Stanford has found thatrepparttar 148196 most effective students for online programs like to compete for high marks online and eventually earn a degree that is delivered to them anywhere inrepparttar 148197 world.

  • High need for autonomy. Stanford’s results show that any student who prizes their autonomy over being overly socially involved excels at online learning programs.

Six Reasons Why Distance Learning Makes Sense

Written by Rose M.

More and more people are finding that knowledge really is power, and that they can accomplish their education goals online.

Best of all, these online learners are finding that degrees from accredited colleges and universities are increasing their earnings potential, giving them greater responsibility in their professions, and best of all – giving themrepparttar chance to accomplish a key goal without completely interrupting their existing lives.

There are many reasons to consider distance-learning programs for your goals. Instructors who have taught distance-learning courses originating inrepparttar 147959 United States to Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Europe, report these asrepparttar 147960 top reasons distance learning makes sense:

  • Make a strong future from investing time today - Many of distance learning students are on assignment in foreign countries, and while working full-time on their jobs, they use their evenings and spare time to earn bachelors and masters’ degrees that have a direct impact on their future job opportunities and professional advancement.

  • Certify your knowledge - Many distance learning students have years of experience in their professions, and just lack of college degree that proves their knowledge. Distance learning gives these working professionals a chance to share their in-depth knowledge while atrepparttar 147961 same time earning degrees that illustrate their expertise.

  • Get to your educational goals on your timetable - While distance learning programs have scheduled classes online and you interact with instructors, you can move as quickly as you want through many courses. Likewise, many instructors will work with you if something comes up in your life that takes time away from school.

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