Is PayDotCom a good alternative to ClickBank?

Written by Mark Tse

PayDotCom is a new payment portal for small business owner. The best advantage of using PayDotCom is it has a built-in affiliate network, so every new merchants can get an army of affiliates fast just as what ClickBank is providing.

There is a main difference between PayDotCom and ClickBank. PayDotCom provides larger flexibility to merchants than ClickBank does. For example, ClickBank refunds products immediately after customer request and never ask opinions fromrepparttar merchants. Onrepparttar 149720 other hand, PayDotCom will let merchants decide what to do from refund request.

Is PayDotCom better than ClickBank? The answer is YES in almost all areas except one thing. ClickBank has hundreds of thousands of members while PayDotCom is very new.

Guerrilla Marketing and How It Can Work for You

Written by Kate Smalley

Guerrilla Marketing and How It Can Work for You

When most people think of marketing, they think of advertising. But marketing is much broader than that. Marketing is everything it takes to get your product or service intorepparttar hands of buyers—from product development to product delivery.

Think of marketing as a continuous process, not a single event. It typically begins with creating an identity for your business … a name, logo, tagline, etc. It extends to product/service creation, manufacturing, packaging, advertising, promotions, sales, customer service, shipping and delivery. It can involve any number of tools brochures, direct mail, websites, postcards, press releases and print, radio and TV advertising.

Now that you understand these fundamentals of marketing, you’re ready to engage in guerilla marketing warfare.

Guerrilla marketing is marketing that is unorthodox and often revolutionary. Unlike traditional marketers, guerrilla marketers throw outrepparttar 149683 rule book and apply creative, flexible strategies to achieve results — rather than money. In a nut shell, guerrilla marketing can help you work smarter, not harder. And it can save you time and money.

Here’s a good example of guerrilla marketing: A new home security business wanted to gain clients as quickly and cost-effectively as possible in a market dominated by a well-established competitor. The rivaling company offered basic service, but had built a reputation for outstanding customer service.

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