Is Lunesta Sleeping Pill Safe For You?

Written by Cassandra Walters

Everyone has an occasional sleepless night, and this is not a problem for most people. Shockingly, as many as 30% of Americans report occasional sleeping problems, and for about 15% ofrepparttar population it is a chronic problem. In these cases,repparttar 136165 lack of restful sleep impairsrepparttar 136166 person's ability to carry out daily responsibilities because they are too tired or they have trouble concentrating. Chronic sleep conditions can also cause memory problems, irritability and even depression.

Imagine allrepparttar 136167 times lying in bed at night wondering what it will take for you to fall asleep. Is there a more frustrating feeling? Many people often consider using a prescription sleeping pill to solve their chronic sleep problems. Is Prescription Drug Lunesta® Right For You?

Eszopiclone isrepparttar 136168 generic name forrepparttar 136169 sedative/hypnotic Lunesta®. This prescription medication was introduced earlier this year torepparttar 136170 sleep aid market. Lunesta® must be taken immediately before bedtime and you should make sure you have a full eight hours to devote to sleeping before taking it. You may notice that you are not quite as alert, or have increased drowsinessrepparttar 136171 next day if you do not get enough sleep. Never stop taking it without talking to your doctor and never stop abruptly. This can lead to withdrawal symptoms that include anxiety, abnormal dreams, nausea, and upset stomach. Another warning: Avoid alcohol when taking this drug. Combiningrepparttar 136172 two could cause a coma and even death.

And remember, although Lunesta® is not a narcotic, it could become habit forming. Potential side effects include chest pain, drowsiness, headache, unpleasant taste, nervousness, dizziness, and dry mouth. Using strong drugs to fall asleep often means thatrepparttar 136173 body's natural sleep cycle is disturbed andrepparttar 136174 ability to fall asleep naturally is lost. Keep this in mind when considering any prescription sedative.

Fruity Fashion Picks & Tricks for Spring

Written by Sher Matsen

Spring is here and summers just aroundrepparttar corner so it’s time to freshen up that wardrobe and make your fashion statement forrepparttar 136134 season. If you’ve had a look aroundrepparttar 136135 stores or boutiques you’ll notice some ofrepparttar 136136 pretties clothes and accessories are displaying fruit. Very upbeat and refreshing afterrepparttar 136137 winter blah. Well placed appliqués, amusing details, juicy colors make these articles of clothing girlish and flirty. The perfect look for weekends and casual days. We’ve got cherry print dresses, pineapple topped shirts, melon and kiwi print pants and host of other deliciously flavorable garments. If your wardrobe doesn’t consist of a lot of fruit why not added some fruit jewelry, Lemons, grapes, cherries – what ever your favorite you’ll be in style. Some of our favorite designer fashion fruit picks this month are: A cotton graphic T from J Crews selling for $28.00 Satin cropped fruited pants from D&G seliing for $365.00 available at Neiman Marcus stores A Silk cherry print skirt by Beth Bowley selling for $170.00 A cotton cherry print dress by Moschino Jeanna selling for $430 at Sloan Leather shoes with faux wood heal from Faryl-robin selling for $89.00 Rhinestone and Lucite lemon necklace from Alexis Bittar selling for $212 Straw hat with glass fruit charms from Hat Attack selling for $88 at Big Drop Canvas cherry wallet with strap from Louis Vuitton selling for $300

Yes my picks are designer picks and a little bit onrepparttar 136138 pricey side, but you will find similar garments for affordable pricing at your local shops. You’ll find affordable blouses, t tops, pants, skirts, and dresses that fit this seasons look. Affordable costume jewelry inrepparttar 136139 fruity theme can be found online at several different stores including us at Estate Jewelry International. The fruity jewelry dating fromrepparttar 136140 1950s is a wonderful new addition for this season

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