Is It Worth to Outsource? How one can outsource wisely

Written by Alex Polonski

Recent trends in software development market show that it is no longerrepparttar most efficient way to work onshore. Competition is too high and in some particular cases, US or European IT people even go farming rather than admitrepparttar 136056 situation and adapt themselves. This article is mainly for those who are going to stay straight inrepparttar 136057 industry whatever surprises it keeps bringing.

International division of labour has done its work. So nowadays, if you ask anybody aboutrepparttar 136058 regions he associates with IT-industry, you’ll get quite a short list: India, China, Russia, Eastern Europe. No wonder, historically these regions hadrepparttar 136059 most efficient technically oriented education. In addition to lower cost of labour inrepparttar 136060 East, that is their main selling point, which determines their competitive strength.

As a logical sequence, almost each leading company engaged in IT sphere, whether publicly or secretly, outsources a part of its current work to third parties, often offshore. No wonder that Indian and other offshore software development companies prosper.

So what arerepparttar 136061 key factors that make companies outsource?

1. Cost of labour is often several times less than onshore. 2. There is no need to maintainrepparttar 136062 whole technical infrastructure 3. Company can concentrate mainly on marketing tasks

Although that sounds good and promises several times bigger profits, incautious outsourcing can be a trap for any company. Don’t forget that you entrust your reputation to a company that is thousands miles away. Hence, if you have made a decision to outsource a part orrepparttar 136063 whole project to some company, you should take into consideration five simple tips.

Make proper research

The simplest way to find offshore software development companies is to try search engine or relative online directories. However, there is no guarantee that under inspirational promises any website has, you won’t find cheaters. Spend several hours and try to findrepparttar 136064 most info aboutrepparttar 136065 companies you have selected. Search engines should be your best friend in these efforts.

Consult alliances and associations

Almost each country where IT industry is well developed has national alliances of software development companies. These pools of developers can become your first step in search for an outsourcing company.

Experiences of Management Coaching (Part 2)

Written by CMOE Development Team

In our experience, we have found that there are several reasons managers fail to get employees to see and acknowledge that they have a problem.

They assume. Many managers bypassrepparttar step of getting agreement because they assume that an employee viewsrepparttar 135987 problem inrepparttar 135988 same way that they do. However, that is often notrepparttar 135989 case, especially whenrepparttar 135990 performance problem is a pattern of behavior rather than a single event. People generally do things that they perceive to be in their own best interest. So, employees who realize that a particular work behavior isn’t in their best interest are more likely to change.

In a typical management coaching situation – especially one involving a behavior pattern – an employee is likely to perceive mostly positive reasons for continuing his or her behavior. Take an employee whose pattern is being late for work. Let us assume thatrepparttar 135991 employee knows whatrepparttar 135992 work hours are and has received feedback from his boss about being late. So, why doesrepparttar 135993 employee continue to be tardy? He or she probably sees fewer negative consequences for being late than positive ones – such as avoiding rush-hour traffic, having a leisurely breakfast, sleeping late, or feeling autonomous.

They avoid. Another reason managers fail to get agreement is that they avoid management coaching situations because they feel uncomfortable confronting employees. They hope that employees will discoverrepparttar 135994 error of their ways. But that is not likely because employees tend to see mostly positive reasons for continuing their behavior.

They generalize. Many managers talk only generally about an employee’s performance problem instead of citing specifics. In such cases, an employee is not likely to see that his performance is different from what is expected or from other’s behavior – particularly regarding such issues as turning in late reports, taking extra time for lunch, leaving work early, and socializing too much. Unless a manager can point specifically to what an employee has done over what length of time and how that compares to an agreed-to expectation or other employees’ performance duringrepparttar 135995 same period,repparttar 135996 employee is not likely to think his behavior is a problem.

Right string, wrong yo-yo. Many managers seek agreement onrepparttar 135997 wrong issue. They strive to get an employee to agree onrepparttar 135998 events leading up to a management coaching meeting but missrepparttar 135999 larger, more important issue – that a performance problem occurs each timerepparttar 136000 event happens. The manager might try to get an employee to agree that he submitted two late reports rather than agree that turning in late reports is a problem. The key is what managers actually says to an employee.

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