Is It Time For Solar Energy to Get Hot?

Written by Tim Phelan

Is It Time For Solar Energy To Get Hot? By Tim Phelan

Solar energy has been around for quite a while and most people donít think about it much except forrepparttar ones who are already into renewable sources of energy. Environmentalists have always lovedrepparttar 150557 idea of solar energy but what has kept it from going more mainstream, being more widely used and looked upon as something someone wants to spend money to install on their property? There have been improvements inrepparttar 150558 technology of solar energy, but has there been enough? Isnítrepparttar 150559 war on terror andrepparttar 150560 desire to be independent of foreign energy sources enough to persuade people to use solar energy? At what point will solar energy becomerepparttar 150561 great and never ending source of energy many of envisioned many years ago?

Well, I, for one, think thatrepparttar 150562 time has just about come for solar energy to really take off because of one reason: it will be economicallyrepparttar 150563 right and smart thing to do.

Last year I was driving to Las Vegas from San Jose and when I was just about three quarters ofrepparttar 150564 way to my destination I passed a sign that said something about a ďsolar farm.Ē I glanced over and saw row upon row of solar panels sitting inrepparttar 150565 middle ofrepparttar 150566 dessert. This is aboutrepparttar 150567 only farm that could survive inrepparttar 150568 dessert I thought to myself. Then I thought ď Wow. Why canít I do that?Ē In a smaller fashion of course because of my limited resources. But I thought why not rent some land and buy some of these panels and start my own little farm? It made sense and actually it still makes sense to me.

I went home later and looked intorepparttar 150569 solar energy industry. I wanted to see if this was possible now and I thought if these people put all those panels out inrepparttar 150570 dessert and soldrepparttar 150571 energy to others why canít a small businessman?

Well, what I found out is that it isnít quite possible to do just yet. Why? Becauserepparttar 150572 cost ofrepparttar 150573 panels, property, labor etc.. wasnít low enough to make a profit for what you can sellrepparttar 150574 energy for. The solar farm was more than likely subsidized byrepparttar 150575 government. So I looked intorepparttar 150576 possibility of using them on homes. This thought has been around for decades and you do seerepparttar 150577 panels on more homes than you used to so I was wondering if this was possible now. I found out that it just takes too long forrepparttar 150578 average consumer to get their investment back to consider putting solar panels on their homes.

The average time for a homeowner to getrepparttar 150579 money back on their investment is anywhere from 12 years to 20 years. For this industry to take off that figure I believe will have to go down to around 5 to 7. Not that far really. It could actually go below that.

Three things have to happen forrepparttar 150580 solar energy promise to become a reality and for homeowners and entrepreneurs to decide in large numbers to use solar panels to create electricity:

1. The price ofrepparttar 150581 panels will have to decrease. 2. The panels will have to improve and produce more energy. 3. The cost of energy will have to increase.

Actually just one of these factors can happen to a great degree andrepparttar 150582 other two stay constant andrepparttar 150583 point will be reached whererepparttar 150584 solar energy industry will explode. But more than likely, all three will come closer together and at some point people will decide to start buyingrepparttar 150585 panels in record numbers and we will see this way of creating energy from a clean and renewable source be common place.

Does Rain Making Really Work?

Written by Graham McClung

Whenever there's a drought, someone will come up with repparttar idea of finding a rain maker, or holding a day of prayer for rain.

Now far be it for me to make light of people who are in truly desperate straits and who are prepared to try anything to relieve their precarious situation. The worst that can happen, assuming no deliberate or unknowing fraud, is that everyone has something else to think about for a day or so. For a while they have some cause for hope.

And it may indeed rain andrepparttar 150140 drought will be over. But in most cases not.

For more information on droughts, visit

Rain making can be divided into two types - cloud seeding, which has strong scientific and engineering reasoning behind it, and, forrepparttar 150141 moment, everything else.

Cloud seeding has been used to create or increase rain for over 50 years, and whilerepparttar 150142 results are a little patchy and rarely spectacular, whenrepparttar 150143 right combination of cloud seeding method and clouds is present, it has been shown to work many times over, and in a cost effective way.

But what ofrepparttar 150144 rest? I don't wish to questionrepparttar 150145 power of prayer, which presumably transcends all physical rules, but it is worth looking at just what it would take to changerepparttar 150146 weather pattern before it is ready to change.

But first let's take a look atrepparttar 150147 rain maker's methods.

They can be divided into two parts - local knowledge and rainmaking techniques of ceremonies.

Firstly, rainmakers with a good reputation will generally be folk with a strong knowledge of local weather, climate, and seasonal changes. Some of these may be subconscious, but I think we can give them some credit for astuteness and good observational powers. This allowsrepparttar 150148 rainmaker to practise his or her rituals at a time when a change inrepparttar 150149 weather seems most likely. With good local weather knowledge, chances of success will be high, and in any event, payment is usually dependent on success. It is also human nature to remember (and advertise)repparttar 150150 successes and forgetrepparttar 150151 failures.

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