Is God Trying To Tell You Something

Written by David Walker


Behold, I stand atrepparttar door and: if any man hear my voice, and openrepparttar 127008 door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

Do you think God is trying to tell you something? I believe God is always trying to get our attention. God desires our attention no matter our social, economical or educational background. Our ethical heritage, gender and age do not stop God from knocking at our door. He still wants our attention if we are saved or unsaved.

Often we are so caught up inrepparttar 127009 world around us we donít takerepparttar 127010 time to seek or hear from God. There is no doubt about it life can be challenging and overwhelming. Many times we become mindful of God during our times of struggles. Isnít it wonderful that God is still mindful of us even though were not mindful of Him.

How often has God prompted you with a soft knock atrepparttar 127011 door of your heart and you ignored Him. The Bible shares with us, not to harden our hearts when we hear His voice. I believe God is always prompting us to receive His salvation. He is always trying to give us a way of escape from our struggles and sins. It is up to us to listen and obey.

TGN - God is Powerful - E=MCsquared

Written by Ron McCluskey

God is Powerful - E=MCsquared ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On August 6, 1945repparttar world became aware ofrepparttar 127007 awesome energy stored in each atom. On that date,repparttar 127008 United States dropped an atomic bomb onrepparttar 127009 Japanese city of Hiroshima. The result was complete devastation ofrepparttar 127010 city.

Amazingly, this incredible destruction of produced byrepparttar 127011 energy contained in less than a gram of matter. Duringrepparttar 127012 explosion, about 670 grams of Uranium 235 underwent a fission reaction. About 0.1 percent of that was converted directly into energy.

When you think about it, in order to make a gram of matter, God had to putrepparttar 127013 same amount of energy into it that came out of it.

The sun convertes about 4 million tons of matter directly into energy every second throughrepparttar 127014 process of fusion. No wonder it puts out so much heat!

In 1996repparttar 127015 Hubble telescope was focused on a minute patch of sky. The magnification was so high that in order to coverrepparttar 127016 whole sky would take another 27 million patches that size. In that tiny patch of sky over 3000 galaxies were found. Multiply 27 million by 3000 and you get an idea of how many galaxies are really out there!

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