Is Free Hosting Really Free?

Written by Tim Querrey

Find out why and how hosting services can give away space on thier servers.

Sooner or later, as everyone finds out, nothing in this world is free. Although there are literally hundreds of Free Hosting adds surfacing onrepparttar Internet, no one can stay in business very long giving it away. So how can hosting services offer free hosting?


One way is to make some of their money from registering your domain name. Domain registration is a necessary step for any future web site owner, (some low cost host play a numbers game between your monthly cost and your yearly domain registration fee, for example: $5/month and $30 registration fee, or $7/month and only $6 to register, or...... you getrepparttar 134332 picture).

Another way they make money is to add advertising onto your web page. They will get paid either each timerepparttar 134333 banner is shown, or each time someone clicks onrepparttar 134334 advertisement. Some will offer extra add ons like Spam or Virus Protection, Domain Theft Protection, or other services at an additional cost. Of course if you feel you have need for these services, then you should purchase them.

9 Steps to Successfully Switching to a New Web Hosting Company

Written by Mary Hedden

9 Steps to Successfully Switching to a New Web Hosting Company

Switching to a new web hosting company can be a difficult task, but we have provided you a list of things to do that can make your transition much smoother.

1. Before you sign up for your new web hosting services, make sure that your new plan offers all ofrepparttar same features that your web site is currently using. Do you have enough disk space? Does your new plan offer enough bandwidth? Is it usingrepparttar 134331 same operating system (Windows or Unix)? Also make sure that your new plan supports any programming languages that you are currently using.

2. Once you have researchedrepparttar 134332 company and verified thatrepparttar 134333 new web hosting company will support your website, go ahead and sign up for your new web hosting plan.

3. Set up your existing e-mail accounts on your new server. Make note ofrepparttar 134334 new POP3 and SMTP that you will soon need to start using.

4. Upload your website files to your new server. Since your domain name currently points to your old hosting account, you will have to use your new IP address to do this.

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