Is FREE Killing Your Sales?

Written by Lewis Leake

"FREE" what a great word.

We all like getting something for "FREE" don't we? Especially when it's something really good that we actually need and can use.

Everywhere you look onrepparttar Internet there are FREE ebooks, FREE autoresponders, Free websites, FREE this and FREE that.

And we all take advantage of this to some extent don't we?

The 'guru's' even tell you to give away FREE ebooks to get visitors to your site or to sign up for your newsletter. So "FREE" is good.

However, there can be a downside to "FREE"!

Let me tell you a little story - it will be short.

A month or so ago, I sent an ad to a newsletter. The ad was for one of my affiliate programs and like most affiliate programs,repparttar 141329 URL was very long.

The editor ofrepparttar 141330 newsletter suggested that I shortenrepparttar 141331 URL by using a re-direct service. Wellrepparttar 141332 price forrepparttar 141333 re-direct service was really great - "FREE" - so I signed up and registered all of my affiliate programs.

Everything worked fine for quite some time.

However, a little later I received a newsletter fromrepparttar 141334 above editor. While viewingrepparttar 141335 newsletter, an ad caught my attention so I clicked onrepparttar 141336 link. All I got was a "site not found" page. I tried it a couple of more times and always gotrepparttar 141337 same page.

10 Reasons To Survey Your Visitors, Subscribers And Customers

Written by Lewis Leake

1. To find out what type of content visitors want to see on your web site. This should increase repeat visits to your site.

2. To find out how to improve existing products or services. This will attract new customers.

3. To find out which products or services your customers would like to see you sell inrepparttar future. This will increase your back end product sales.

4. To find out how to improve your customer service. This will cut down on customer complaints.

5. To find out how to improve your sales letters or ads. This will increase your sales, traffic or ezine subscribers.

6. To find out what kind of articles or interviews they want to see in your e-zine. This will increase your e-zine's readership.

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