Is ED an early symptom of Heart Disease?

Written by John Tailor

Men who suffer from sexual dysfunctions in bed are willing to get complete medical check ups done. Doctors say that erectile dysfunction can be an early indication of heart diseases like strokes and attacks in men. Erectile dysfunction isrepparttar lack of ability in men to attain an erection orrepparttar 149264 incapability to sustain it for longer periods.

Inrepparttar 149265 United States, most ofrepparttar 149266 heart diseases occur due to a condition called atherosclerosis,repparttar 149267 hardening of arteries. Atherosclerosis also causes erectile dysfunction in men. So, people who have problems pertaining to male impotence are at a higher risk for cardio vascular problems. Nearly half of men who fall inrepparttar 149268 age group of 45 to 65 suffer from ED. Poor dietary habits and lack of regular exercise patterns arerepparttar 149269 main causes, which influence impotence. Smoking also triggers heart problems and sexual dysfunctions in men. Patients with erectile dysfunction also tend to have higher blood levels of homocysteine, an amino acid marker for heart disease. Men should treat ED as a serious medical condition than an embarrassing social problem because it warns you about your weakening heart. You can know more about this problem by visiting this site

Your home is a toxic waste dump!

Written by Brenda Hoffman

Did you know thatrepparttar household and beauty products that you purchase at your local store are unhealthy for your family? You probably don't know this becauserepparttar 149239 chemical and manufacturing industries don't have to provide us with this information. Of course, many of these chemicals were originally intended to enhance our lifestyles. However, you really need to know that these "life-enhancing" products are actually polluting our health and environment. Your continued good health depends upon knowing this truth. This way you can limit your exposure to these toxic chemicals.

One ofrepparttar 149240 largest indoor pollutants that is found in our homes is formaldehyde which is found in antiperspirants, mouthwash, toothpaste, floor waxes, and furniture polishes and causes allergies, cancer, immune system failings, and asthma.

Another major indoor pollutant are phenols. This pollutant can be absorbed by both your lungs and your skin and result in caustic burns, kidney and liver damage and hyperactivity. Phenols are found in acne medications amd mouthwash.

Some other items that you need to be cautious of include Dawn Dishwashing Detergent which isrepparttar 149241 #1 cause of accidental poisoning inrepparttar 149242 USA, Tide which contains lye isrepparttar 149243 #1 polluter of our homes, and Off bug spray contains DEET which causes seizures. Other products to beware of include Lysol, Fantastik, Formula 409, Pine-Sol, Pledge, Spic & Span, Tilex, Ajax, Speed Stick, Secret, Johnson's, Joy, Windex, Palmolive, Shout, Spray & Wash, Palmolive, Lever, Irish Spring, Jergens, Crest, Listerine, Arm & Hammer, Colgate, Scope, Old English and Dove. As you can see, these are a lot of major brand cleaners and beauty products.

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