Is Duplication a Myth?

Written by Priya Shah

Copyright 2003 Priya Shah

Duplication is one ofrepparttar most important concepts in Network Marketing.

It isrepparttar 122525 network marketer's ultimate dream to develop a system that can be replicated by anyone with average intelligence, just by followingrepparttar 122526 exact methods passed on from one generation to another.

Butrepparttar 122527 fact is that we're all very unique individuals with very different qualities and talents.

So should we really force ourselves and our downline to become clones, all mouthingrepparttar 122528 same scripts, whether we mean it or not? I don't think so.

In fact I believe its one ofrepparttar 122529 main reasons that so many people drop out of this business - becauserepparttar 122530 methods used by their upline do not complement their unique personality and character traits.

I truly believe that everyone can be a winner - but not by blindly following inrepparttar 122531 footsteps of our "mentors." You will never be successful if you are not comfortable with doing what it takes.

Here are a few tips that might help to overcome this problem.

1. Learnrepparttar 122532 Basic Skills

We all need to go to school to learnrepparttar 122533 basic skills necessary to find our rightful place in society.

So if you intend to do business online, you WILL need to acquire a few basic skills in internet marketing - usingrepparttar 122534 software you need, writing ads, designing a simple website, writing articles, publishing a newsletter.

These arerepparttar 122535 A-B-Cs of marketing that you MUST learn if you want to survive online.

As a network marketer, you will also need to develop a winning attitude and to believe in your own ability to succeed.

But HOW you apply these new-found skills or attitudes may be completely different fromrepparttar 122536 way your mentor or upline applies them. And that'srepparttar 122537 way it should be.

5 Compelling Reasons to Choose a Wellness Opportunity

Written by Priya Shah

Copyright 2003 Priya Shah

I actually have two separate online businesses -

1. Selling wellness products and

2. Selling digital information products (eBooks)

Because I can look at things from both perspectives, I often tend to comparerepparttar two businesses fromrepparttar 122524 point of view ofrepparttar 122525 "better" opportunity.

But if I were asked to recommend a single business asrepparttar 122526 best way to make a living online,repparttar 122527 Wellness Business would win hands down.

And no, I didn't choose it because its easy. Onrepparttar 122528 contrary, selling health supplements, vitamins and related products online is NOT easy.

Not only is there tremendous competition, but it simply can't be done by working two hours a day, as isrepparttar 122529 common perception.

If you sell wellness products, you have to deal with REAL people. People with human needs and problems.

You must be available in person, or by phone, or at least by email, to clarify doubts, answer queries, be prompt and sensitive to your customers' needs and generally make your customer feel good about doing business with you.

You must also provide constant support, training and leadership to a growing organisation of distributors, and help them grow their business.

This can be extremely time-consuming because few of these tasks lend themselves to complete automation.

A seller of digital products has it somewhat easier. (S)He need not even interact with customers, because everything from product delivery to answering customer queries can run on autopilot.

Digital product sellers can (and often are) literally sitting on a beach while their websites churn out profits.

Given these disadvantages, why would anyone still chooserepparttar 122530 Wellness industry?

The reason I believe is because ANYONE, regardless of their talent or creativity, can actually make a steady LIVING for a lifetime inrepparttar 122531 Wellness industry.

And of course, there are a few who even go on to become millionaires.

Here arerepparttar 122532 reasons why I think Health and Wellness should berepparttar 122533 #1 Choice for Entrepreneurs online.

1. Health Products Fulfill a Basic Human Need

Health is a #1 concern for many people - often more important than even sex (also a top seller online) or food.

The lack of health can make you feel... well... lousy. And most people will pay their bottom dollar if they can find something that alleviates their pain or discomfort.

To put it more plainly, NOT buying an eBook will not make much difference to your state of mind or body. But not taking your prescription medication can make you feel very bad indeed.

2. Health Products are Consumable

Unlike digital products that can only be sold ONCE to a customer, vitamins, supplements and prescriptions require monthly re-orders or autoships.

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