Is DIY dangerous for your health?

Written by Deborah Hughes

Planning on redecoratingrepparttar bathroom this weekend? or finally getting round to fitting those new kitchen units? If so, you may be using Medium Density Fibre Board – commonly known as ‘MDF’.

MDF is cheap and versatile, which has made it a material that has been embraced by a huge number of people inrepparttar 148091 DIY epidemic ofrepparttar 148092 last few years. This hunger was fuelled by programmes such BBC’s Changing Rooms which incorporated MDF into most of its designs. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Handy Andy demonstrated howrepparttar 148093 flexible material could be cut into just about any shape, and curved into unique contemporary furniture and fittings – often challengingrepparttar 148094 very idea of good taste! So, is MDFrepparttar 148095 perfect DIY material? Or are there hidden dangers?

Recently, there has been considerable publicity aboutrepparttar 148096 health hazards of using MDF. There have been reports of howrepparttar 148097 dust produced when working with MDF can cause health problems such asthma and even cancer. One trade union stated that ‘MDF isrepparttar 148098 asbestos ofrepparttar 148099 nineties’! Alarming stuff, but are there any grounds for concerns?

Recent assessments ofrepparttar 148100 risks The Health and Safety has classified MDF as a soft wood and therefore not designated as a carcinogen inrepparttar 148101 UK. However,repparttar 148102 International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) does not distinguish between hardwoods and softwoods, and it groups ‘wood dust’ as ‘carcinogenic to humans’.

Formaldehyde, which is included in bonding resins used in MDF, is also classified byrepparttar 148103 IARC as ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’. They argue that, even at low levels, inhalation of formaldehyde can cause irritation torepparttar 148104 eyes, nose, throat and mucous membrane. It can also affectrepparttar 148105 skin, leading to dermatitis, and to respiratory system causing asthma and rhinitis.

MDF in other countries Reports that MDF is banned inrepparttar 148106 USA and Australia are speculative. However, there are tighter restrictions on its production and use. Inrepparttar 148107 USA, there are limits on formaldehyde emissions from MDF and home owners in California have to be warned that their new home has been built using MDF which ‘contains a chemical known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive hazards’. Australian workers are warned that formaldehyde is ‘a probable carcinogen’.

Anti-aging skin care treatments : What to do when that first wrinkle appears

Written by Jenna Keys

There comes a time in everybody’s life when we start to considerrepparttar implications of growing old andrepparttar 148090 possibilities of using one ofrepparttar 148091 many different anti-aging treatments that are available. Coincidentally, this time of life is usually aroundrepparttar 148092 same time we discover our first wrinkle or laughter line. These first signs normally become apparent in your 30s or 40s if you are lucky and while that isrepparttar 148093 first time we will be likely to consider using anti-aging treatment, we really should start using it earlier than this. By keeping our skin healthy from an earlier age we are at least prolongingrepparttar 148094 aging effect as long as possible.

If you do leave it untilrepparttar 148095 very first signs of wrinkles it is possible to still do something about it. Whenrepparttar 148096 first wrinkles do materialise, don’t ignore them. Denial isrepparttar 148097 worst possible move at this point. Application of a good anti-aging cream may help remove some ofrepparttar 148098 wrinkles and stop new lines forming.

How do anti-aging products work?

Good anti-aging treatments are far from being a miracle cream, and contain vital nutrients and vitamins that are proven to help rejuvenaterepparttar 148099 skin. Most contain Retinol, a form of Vitamin A that has proven in recent studies to have a considerable rejuvenating effect on aging skin.

Other types of treatment use different chemicals and vitamins to improverepparttar 148100 look of your aging skin.

The collagen molecules in skin begin to break down as we age and this is what createsrepparttar 148101 wrinkles and lines on our faces. Most anti-aging creams are only able to contain partial collagen molecules because they are too large to enterrepparttar 148102 skin by use of a lotion. Hydroderm have developedrepparttar 148103 patented Collagen Infusion Delivery System. This innovative formula delivers entire collagen molecules intorepparttar 148104 skin, which give a healthy and rejuvenated glow taking awayrepparttar 148105 wrinkles and lines associated with old age.

Dermabrasion is one ofrepparttar 148106 oldest known treatments, developed in 105 by a German dermatologist. Originally created forrepparttar 148107 treatment of acne scars, it has been successfully used for many decades to remove many forms of skin abrasions and can even be used forrepparttar 148108 safe removal of tattoos. Dermabrasion patients do suffer a certain amount of rawness and slight pain in their faces oncerepparttar 148109 treatment is complete and an opaque yellow fluid drains fromrepparttar 148110 sites but this is perfectly normal and should be expected. The scabs that this liquid leaves can easily be removed with wet cloths.

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