Is Copywriting Important to Your Online Success?

Written by Denise Ryder

There is a myth out there that copywriting is not really important.

Wow, that totally blows my mind. If copywriting is not that important then what is? If a propsect visits your site then tell me what it is that makesrepparttar sale?

Your site is your "salesman." I mean really think about that. Your online business is NOT like an offline business where someone can "walk in" and you can talk torepparttar 144110 potential customer and sell something to them. People visiting your site do not have that face to face interaction with with that said, what do you think you have to rely on to get that sales process happening??

Yup, your copywriting becomes your salesman. Your personality, belief in your products/services, and knowledge comes through in repparttar 144111 words you use. From there a prospect, depending upon how you come across will decide to do business with you, or of course not.

Now, if you site is your "salesman" then hang with me for a second and go through this little exercise with me. Let's say our site is actually a store on Main Street. A customer comes in and is looking around atrepparttar 144112 products/services you have to sell. You go over and talk to this person and start asking questions and start communicating with them. Through this communication you are exchanging information. You are answering questions that your customer has so that they can make a more informed buying decision. This exchange is building trust and rapport with them. Throughrepparttar 144113 exchange they feel and seerepparttar 144114 belief you have in your products/services and they know that you are quite knowledgable in what you are selling. You are certainly someone they "need" to keep around.

Ok, having said all that and using an offline approach, all those points and traits I just went through is exactly what you site now has to do. Your site has to show how knowledgable you are, either through information you write yourself, or information you obtain and post from other sources, and/or a combination of both. People online are looking for INFORMATION first before they buy. Just like in our little exercise above. Yes, there are times when a customer knows exactly what they want, however, these impulse buyers are rare. People STILL will go throughrepparttar 144115 process of gathering information, and why not, I mean that's whatrepparttar 144116 internet is all about right??

So, people search for information and of course solutions, which is basicallyrepparttar 144117 same process they go through offline, right? You go into a store, talk torepparttar 144118 salesman, ask questions,repparttar 144119 salesman offers a solution and a sale is made.

Online we providerepparttar 144120 information andrepparttar 144121 solutions as well, through:


Give themrepparttar 144122 information they are looking for by converting your knowledge into content related torepparttar 144123 theme of your business or interest.

If your business is selling Paint Pellet Guns, then write everything you know about Paint Pellet Guns, what to look for in a gun, perhaps raterepparttar 144124 ones that are out there. Write about what a newbie to Paint Pellet Guns should start with.

Where Did YOUR Last 5 Customers Come From?

Written by Denise Ryder

A while ago in a seminar I was giving on marketing tactics, I had allrepparttar attendees write down where their clients came from. It was quite an eye- opener for many of them, because in some cases they had no idea. Hmmm, what does that tell you??

In a few cases, people realized that their clients came to them as a result of a referral and in many cases, from just one person.

So, how about you, where did your last client come from?

Do you know? Can you tell me without hesitating?

Keeping track of where your clients come from isrepparttar 144109 first step in developing an effective marketing strategy: keeping track of what is working for you.

If you don't know where your customers/clients are coming from then how can you determine what is pulling for you and what isn't?

Here is a little exercise you can do, it takes about 5 minutes tops. Do not do it in your head. Here is a little form you can take and use it for your own business:

Where did my last 5 clients come from?

----Start Form----

Client #1: _____________________________________ How Obtained? ________________________________

Client #2: _____________________________________ How Obtained? ________________________________

Client #3: _____________________________________ How Obtained? ________________________________

Client #4: _____________________________________ How Obtained? ________________________________

Client #5: _____________________________________ How Obtained? ________________________________

-----End Form-----

Now once you have filled inrepparttar 144110 blanks, look your list over and where you are gettingrepparttar 144111 bulk of your clients from. Is it from:

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