Is Common Sense or Research Needed to Cure Cancer?

Written by Dr Randy Wysong

It is an incredible feat that organisms can begin from one cell and then differentiate and compartmentalize intorepparttar millions of diverse tissue and organ niches that represent a mature body. Why brain, fingernail, liver, intestine and bone cells ever become what they are is mystery enough. Why they stay what they have become while still retainingrepparttar 149140 full genetic information to produce an entire new body, compoundsrepparttar 149141 miracle even more. Cancer is a condition in which cells lose their orientation and proliferate uncontrollably. Any cell can become cancerous. A lot of them do, but are squelched by cell death (apoptosis),repparttar 149142 immune system or nipped inrepparttar 149143 bud by DNA repair mechanisms. Successful cancer cells escape these impediments, disregard normal cellular checks and balances and become an island unto themselves with only their own survival and self-interests at heart. The cause of cancer is no mystery. It is our aberrant modern living context that has put us at cancer risk. When cells are forced to bathe in a milieu (the tissue soup we create with modern foods, drugs and lifestyle) entirely unlike what they are genetically programmed to expect, they revert to their most primitive directive – multiply, multiply, multiply – without regard for neighbors. It’s a sort of payback for our disregard for “neighbors” when we pollute and repudiate nature. Why should our cells be polite to their neighbors if we don’t have regard for ours? Sincerepparttar 149144 immune system is compromised fromrepparttar 149145 chronic stresses created by modern living, defenses are down. Couple this withrepparttar 149146 nutritionally depleted and perverted modern processed diet and you haverepparttar 149147 incubator for cancer. Today, about one in three humans will get cancer. In pets it is worse and perhapsrepparttar 149148 leading cause of death. No evidence exists thatrepparttar 149149 disease was of similar incidence before our modern era. President Nixon's "War on Cancer" (beginning inrepparttar 149150 early 1970s) isrepparttar 149151 most failed and embarrassing "military" campaign ever undertaken by any nation at any time in history. One person in 30 got cancer atrepparttar 149152 beginning ofrepparttar 149153 20th century, now almost one in two do. Some will say thatrepparttar 149154 only reasonrepparttar 149155 incidence has increased is because humans and animals live longer due to modern medical measures. So when science fails in their mission to defeat cancer, they cleverly spinrepparttar 149156 failure as their success. As I have shown previously (Why Modern Medicine isrepparttar 149157 Greatest Threat to Health, this is nonsense since modern medical measures are themselves probablyrepparttar 149158 number one threat to life. The reason for cancer and most chronic degenerative diseases is modern living, pure and simple. We have subjected ourselves to an artificial environment to which we are not adapted. Nature – not exhaust, sugar, pop and plastic – is what we are designed for. Screw with Mother Nature and a price will be paid. Whateverrepparttar 149159 inciting cause, it is known that inducement and propogation needs to be relentless and of long-standing duration. Cancer can have a latency period of decades, requiring continuous exposure torepparttar 149160 inciting stress. Our departure from our genetic roots certainly qualifies. If disease does not strike immediately after a bad life choice, thenrepparttar 149161 conclusion is thatrepparttar 149162 choice is just fine. We refuse to takerepparttar 149163 long view and make intelligent decisions now for consequences that may not emerge until years later. It's a common human failing we see replayed in every aspect of human endeavor. It'srepparttar 149164 modus operandi in government, economics, agriculture, social issues and health care. Living inrepparttar 149165 moment is what children and animals do. We should do better withrepparttar 149166 pounds of gyri and sulci resting on our shoulders. Nevertheless, this common sense approach (returning to our genetic roots) to preventing cancer and other diseases will be ignored. Instead we will pour billions of dollars into research to discoverrepparttar 149167 cure for cancer. But there will never be a cure other than respecting our genetic heritage and living, eating, breathing and drinking as we were designed to do. A pill or vaccine to save us just isn't going to happen. Let me give some examples of recent research findings that revealrepparttar 149168 obvious. First there isrepparttar 149169 "discovery" that fresh fruits and vegetables contain anti-cancer nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins and flavanoids. Why would they not be anti-cancer, they arerepparttar 149170 natural food of humans? No research is necessary to discover that! Then there isrepparttar 149171 "discovery" that cancer preferentially feeds on glucose, diverting it from body use and inefficiently metabolizing it by glycolysis into lactate and a couple ATP energy molecules. (Glucose normally yields 38 ATP.) The body then has to reconvertrepparttar 149172 lactate back, viarepparttar 149173 Cori cycle, into glucose (at an energy cost). The net result is thatrepparttar 149174 cancer acts like an energy sink resulting in cachexia, a pathetic condition of severe muscle wasting and debilitation. Modern diets are laden with sugar and starches that not only providerepparttar 149175 perfect food for cancer butrepparttar 149176 perfect acidic medium in tissues. Processed sugar and starch is not a natural human food. No research is needed to discover that!

Great Skin

Written by Jan K. Johnson

Maintaining great skin can be a challenge if you don’t knowrepparttar secrets to having perfect skin. Did you know that what you eat and what you use on your skin plays a tremendous role onrepparttar 149107 state of your skin?

Regardless of your skin type, all skin types should avoid eating fried foods because these foods contain free radicals that are toxic torepparttar 149108 vital enzymes inrepparttar 149109 body.

Other foods that should also be avoided are alcohol and caffeine, especially on those individuals with dry skin. Alcohol and caffeine are diuretics that causerepparttar 149110 skin to lose fluids and minerals. Basically,repparttar 149111 diuretics dehydraterepparttar 149112 skin making it look tired and dry leading to premature aging.

A great moisturizing secret is to use food from your kitchen on your skin. For example, avocado makes an excellent moisturizing facemask. It conditionsrepparttar 149113 skin leaving it feeling moisturized and looking vibrant.

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