Is Coffee The Most Popular Drink In History?

Written by Mary Chambers

As far back as 850 A.D it is said that a lonely sheep herder and his charge stumbled across a strange and mysterious berry growing on a secluded and forgotten hillside. Before he could stop them, some of his sheep had already began to sample this strange fruit. After about ten minutes or sorepparttar shepherd began to notice something unusual about his sheep. They no longer looked tired after their long trek that day. In fact they appeared to be wide awake and very alert. The shepherd had never seen them behave this way and he was curious. Now being a little tired and weary himselfrepparttar 105386 shepherd decided to tryrepparttar 105387 berries for himself. Just as had happened with his flock he too became wide awake and pardonrepparttar 105388 pun, extremely "full of beans". Just then a monk happened by and after hearing what had happened proceeded to scoldrepparttar 105389 poor shepherd and lecture him on his foolish indulgence. Having had his sayrepparttar 105390 monk continued on his journey but before he set off he made absolutely sure that a plant was secured amongst his belongings.

Back atrepparttar 105391 abbeyrepparttar 105392 monks decided to try this new magical stimulant. Soonrepparttar 105393 endless hours of praying became easy to endure. Coffeerepparttar 105394 beverage had been unleashed. Its widespread use first took hold inrepparttar 105395 Ethiopian regions before then moving on torepparttar 105396 Arabian empire. Here it was to be held for many years as a sacred substance until it was illegally exported torepparttar 105397 outside world by an Arab called Baba Budan. Word of its effects then began to spread and in a short while coffee was to become one ofrepparttar 105398 most treasured commodities in our history. Today we drink a staggering 4 billion cups each and every year and there are many among us who would simply refuse to start our day without it.

Although coffee is well known for keeping us awake there are also health benefits associated withrepparttar 105399 drinking of coffee. It is said that those who suffer from asthma and partake ofrepparttar 105400 drink have 25% less symptoms due to a substance called theophylline. This is what is known as a bronchodilator and quite simply it is claimed to help those who suffer fromrepparttar 105401 disease to breathe a little easier. Drinking Coffee on a regular basis is also meant to help lower your risk of colon cancer by a figure also inrepparttar 105402 region of around 25%. It is thought to do this simply by helping to keep you regular which in turn helps fend off disease and illness.

Fresh Fare From The Food Isle - Ireland

Written by Mary Gallagher

Fresh Fare From The Food Isle – Ireland Cuisine Read Jetsetters Magazine at Read this entire feature FREE with photos at

It has been said that inrepparttar early 1980s Irish cuisine started to change forrepparttar 105385 better. Always blessed with naturally wonderful ingredients, chefs started a revolution incorporating nouvelle cuisine, flavors and techniques ofrepparttar 105386 world, and then all roads leading to a new level of ever evolving spectacular Irish fare.

As this was my first trip to Ireland, a primary gauge wasrepparttar 105387 five pounds this extremely picky eater gained in less than two weeks without ever drinking a Guinness! Outstanding game, grass fed beef, fresh vegetables and fruits, outstanding cheese and dairy (hmmm double cream, Irish butter), and as one is always close torepparttar 105388 sea, rivers, and lakes providing pristine fish and seafood.

Féile Bia is an Irish food organization with a commitment to quality. Their program emphasizesrepparttar 105389 importance of where food comes from before it reachesrepparttar 105390 hotels, restaurants, pubs and workplaces throughout Ireland.

Féile Bia organized withrepparttar 105391 Restaurants Association of Ireland,repparttar 105392 Irish Hotels Federation andrepparttar 105393 support ofrepparttar 105394 farming community in response to growing consumer concerns aboutrepparttar 105395 quality and origin of food offered when dining out. An issue we should all be concerned about wherever we live.

Members provide details confirmingrepparttar 105396 quality and origin ofrepparttar 105397 food used in their kitchens. Féile Bia participants are committed to sourcing meat, chicken and eggs from recognized Quality Assurance Schemes and gladly supply any customer requests for country of origin information.

Chefs and consumers throughout Ireland take care and pride in using products grown, raised and produced locally. One of those we visited wasrepparttar 105398 Burren Smokehouse.

Burren Smokehouse

The Burren Smokehouse is located inrepparttar 105399 legendary County Clare town of Lisdoonvarna, on Ireland's west coast, a family run organization started in 1989 by Peter Curtin, a local man and his Swedish wife, Birgitta. Lisdoonvarna is also home torepparttar 105400 world's best-known matchmaking festival that you can check out at It is a picturesque and historic stop popular with tourists any time of year. The town and Burren are totally free of industrial pollution so prevalent and makes thisrepparttar 105401 cleanest environment in all of Western Europe.

After researchingrepparttar 105402 smoking traditions of Ireland they patented their own process. Nearbyrepparttar 105403 Curtin family has ownedrepparttar 105404 Roadside Tavern for aboutrepparttar 105405 last 100 years alsorepparttar 105406 first place to serve their smoked salmon. Their belief inrepparttar 105407 finest quality food products, customer care and a great group workers ensures a continuous high standard.

We made our stop first at their Visitor Centre to watchrepparttar 105408 video showing how salmon is smoked, starting from filleting to finished product. The program is available in English, German, French, and Italian;repparttar 105409 centre has space for about 50 people. We were able to test a little wine and several varieties of smoked products with additional explanations by Birgitta. Actually we loved it all except for those of us too “chicken” to tryrepparttar 105410 eel. The smoked cheese was also wonderful.

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