Is Click Fraud Really a Problem?

Written by Tommy Maric

Click fraud is currently a major topic in online advertising. Many argue that it presents a threat torepparttar stability and viability of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising,repparttar 105969 key revenue generator for both Google and Overture. In actuality, click fraud is not a significant issue at all.

Click fraud occurs when ads are clicked for reasons other than a genuine interest in learning more aboutrepparttar 105970 product or service advertised. Click fraud occurs in two forms. In one instance, fraud arises from competitors trying to sabotage each other. One competitor clicks onrepparttar 105971 ads of another just to drainrepparttar 105972 budget of that company. The other instance occurs when webmasters (or people associated withrepparttar 105973 webmaster) repeatedly click Google AdSense ads (which are syndications of others’ ads) on their own web pages in order to generate more revenue. While both Overture and Google have developed sophisticated technologies to detect click fraud, their systems are, and may never be, foolproof.

The real question is how much does click fraud actually damagerepparttar 105974 PPC industry? Gross fraud, i.e., when one person or technology consistently and repeatedly clicks on an ad, aside, which Overture and Google can easily detect, we believe that click fraud has no real impact onrepparttar 105975 industry. The following explains why.

Efficient market theory says that it is impossible to “beat a market” because prices already incorporate and reflect all relevant information. Asrepparttar 105976 PPC industry has matured, efficiency has begun to take root. That is,repparttar 105977 price of each keyword has been driven up torepparttar 105978 point where it reflectsrepparttar 105979 highest price an advertiser is willing to pay for a click.

For instance, a book retailer may pay $1.00 per click based on internal metrics. These metrics dictate, for example, that on average 30% of clickers purchase a book andrepparttar 105980 average profit per sale is $4.00. So, for every 100 clicks ($100 cost), they make 30 sales ($120 revenue) and generate a $20.00 (20%) profit. Note that years ago,repparttar 105981 same retailer may have been able to pay only $0.50 per click, but asrepparttar 105982 market matured and more retailers began advertising, competitive bidding forcedrepparttar 105983 price up to $1.00 whererepparttar 105984 highest returnrepparttar 105985 most advertisers can make is 20%.

How To Start A Linking Campaign

Written by Torgeir Sunnarvik

Getting links to a new website, without Google page rank, can be difficult and sometimes nearly impossible. Most ofrepparttar websites that have a good page rank inrepparttar 105968 first place, don't link back to sites without page rank. Some ofrepparttar 105969 webmasters won't even link back to sites unless they have a page rank of 4 or more. Everybody knows that link popularity is one ofrepparttar 105970 most important factors for getting high search engine rankings. So getting links in to your site should be one of your main goals in your everyday work for your site. I struggled hard inrepparttar 105971 beginning. I sent hundreds of link requests every day. If I was lucky, I got one link back. It was simply too much work considering I did not get much in return. Now I know that I should have done things a little different.

First of all, I should have started out by sending my link to web directories, instead of using my time asking for links from webmasters that will not link back most ofrepparttar 105972 time. Including your link in various web directories is oftenrepparttar 105973 easiest way of getting good links to your site. Many ofrepparttar 105974 directories are free and don't require a reciprocal link.

Second, I started writing articles aboutrepparttar 105975 theme of my site.

This seems to berepparttar 105976 best way of getting links and targeted traffic. Inrepparttar 105977 beginning, it can be a little hard to find things to write about. The main thing is to write aboutrepparttar 105978 theme of your website. For instance, writing about dogs when your site is about cats won't get yourepparttar 105979 visitors that you want. When you write an article that has some relevance to your site, you will get targeted visitors when they clickrepparttar 105980 link atrepparttar 105981 bottom of your article. And by using your targeted keywords in repparttar 105982 link description, you will get higher link popularity.

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