Is America Racist Still?

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES: - It was not until afterrepparttar Nuremberg Trials thatrepparttar 141377 rest ofrepparttar 141378 world putrepparttar 141379 kinds of protections in place that had already been in place for a long time in Germany but we are found accusing Germans ofrepparttar 141380 heinous crimes we actually lead. It is just like Mackenzie King in Canada who was backing Hitler and his programs in many areas, along with other blue bloods likerepparttar 141381 Bushes and their bossesrepparttar 141382 Merovingians. Oliver Wendell Holmes is considered to be a transcendentalist like Emerson who has strong ties to Carlyle and thereforerepparttar 141383 Goethe Illuminati of Weishaupt. His thoughts which are included inrepparttar 141384 following quote are not as bad as they might seem and I personally think there is merit in abortion and other forms of eugenics if done forrepparttar 141385 ‘Greater Good’.

“Beginning in 1907, with legislation passed in Indiana, forced sterilization onrepparttar 141386 basis of eugenic doctrine began spreading acrossrepparttar 141387 United States, with finally thirty states having such laws onrepparttar 141388 books. In this century, upwards of 50,000 Americans have been sterilized by order ofrepparttar 141389 state. {Today we have drugs that reducerepparttar 141390 libido or sex drive and potency ofrepparttar 141391 less fortunate and victimized masses. These drugs and lobotomies which are still performed in Canada serverepparttar 141392 same purposes.} The constitutionality of such compulsion was upheld in 1927, whenrepparttar 141393 case Buck vs. Bell went beforerepparttar 141394 Supreme Court. With only one dissent,repparttar 141395 court said, in a majority opinion written by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes:

‘It is better forrepparttar 141396 world, if instead of waiting to execute offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind. The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cuttingrepparttar 141397 Fallopian tubes.’

The court, in other words, went beyond saying that a person is guilty until proven innocent; it declared that hypothetical persons were presumed guilty of criminal intent even before being conceived and may not be brought into existence. The 1927 decision has never been overturned, and is still a part ofrepparttar 141398 law ofrepparttar 141399 land.

After World War II, German lawyers defending those accused of being Nazi war criminals for having forcibly sterilized two million people as a part of Nazi racial doctrine pointed torepparttar 141400 sterilization laws in America andrepparttar 141401 1927 Supreme Court decision as justification for their clients' conduct.

In his recent book, The Nazi Connection: Eugenics, American Racism and National Socialism, Stefan Kühl tracesrepparttar 141402 relationships betweenrepparttar 141403 Nazi racial theorists and members ofrepparttar 141404 American eugenics movement inrepparttar 141405 1930s. American eugenicists and German advocates of "racial hygiene" were already communicating and sharing ''scientific'' information beforerepparttar 141406 First World War. The conflict in Europe, and particularly American entry intorepparttar 141407 war against Germany, broke off all such ties. But shortly afterrepparttar 141408 war's end, contacts began to reemerge, with their American colleagues being especially helpful in getting German eugenicists accepted back into their community of scholars.

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