Is A Marketing Plan The Same Thing As A Communications Plan?

Written by Debbie LaChusa

How does a marketing plan relate to an organization's communications plan? What arerepparttar differences? Isrepparttar 146884 marketing plan just one aspect ofrepparttar 146885 communications plan? Should one consider combining them into a single document?

A communications plan is a PART of your marketing plan. A communications plan is a focused strategy you use to getrepparttar 146886 word out about your business, product or service.

You may use a variety of communications tactics such as public relations, advertising and speaking engagements. Yes, it does identify who you are communicating to and what your message is, and where and how you will get that message out, and often has goals or objectives you are trying to achieve.

Here'srepparttar 146887 difference betweenrepparttar 146888 two

A marketing plan starts by creating a strong, strategic marketing foundation for your communications plan. It addressesrepparttar 146889 goals and objectives for your business, not just for your communications activities.

It addresses how you package, price and sell your product or service, not just how you talk about it. It takes into consideration your competitors and helps you develop a unique selling proposition to ensure your product or service is uniquely positioned inrepparttar 146890 minds of your prospects and customers.

Should You Offer Commissions For Customer Referrals?

Written by Debbie LaChusa

As a small business owner you may find yourself in a situation where you want to partner with another business but they are asking for a commission on your services. You will want to be prepared to handle such a request BEFORE you find yourself in this situation.

Whenever someone asks you for a commission in exchange for marketing your product or service, it is basically an affiliate or referral program. This can be one ofrepparttar most powerful forms of marketing because it promotes word-of-mouth marketing. Who better to refer clients or customers to you than someone who fully understandsrepparttar 146883 value ofrepparttar 146884 services you have to offer?

Often these people are your current satisfied customers, or as isrepparttar 146885 case with this question, they may be strategic partners. Strategic partners are those individuals or businesses who agree to refer business to you, sometimes in exchange for you doingrepparttar 146886 same for them, or perhaps for a commission. Either way, it is important to make sure it is a win-win situation for both sides.

If you consider these individuals or businesses are in effect doing your marketing for you, then you realize paying a referral incentive or commission is merely a marketing expense.

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