Is $299 Too Much To Get Listed?

Written by Sage Lewis

When it comes to marketing onrepparttar search engines, LookSmart has always been mandatory as far as SageRock is concerned. But nowrepparttar 128409 choice isn't quite as ironclad. The reason is because they have recently increasedrepparttar 128410 cost of their "Express Submit" program from $199 to $299. This service guarantees they will review your site within two business days. They also have a "Basic Submit" program that will get your site reviewed in eight weeks. This program went from $99 to $149.

Butrepparttar 128411 paying doesn't end there. LookSmart has multiple ways for you to spend your cash. You are able to userepparttar 128412 "Express Submit" program for up to 5 different URL's of your site. This is handy if you have distinctly different sections of your site. Each URL will cost you $299.

Additionally, if you are not happy with your LookSmart listing you can now utilizerepparttar 128413 "Express Modify" program. You are able to change your description for $199 and you are able to add an additional category inrepparttar 128414 LookSmart directory for your site for $149. However, if you are changingrepparttar 128415 address of your site you must userepparttar 128416 $299 "Express Submit" option.

For those of you with a healthy marketing budget you can get involved withrepparttar 128417 "LookListings" program. This starts at $2500 a month for a pay-for-performance program.

Why allrepparttar 128418 aggressive pricing options? Jupiter Media Metrix, a leading Internet and new technology analysis and measurement company, reported in June 2001 thatrepparttar 128419 LookSmart Network reaches 77% of Internet users inrepparttar 128420 US, through 5 of repparttar 128421 top 10 portals, 5 ofrepparttar 128422 top 10 ISPs, and hundreds of additional ISP and media partners worldwide. These partners include Microsoft's MSN, Excite@Home, AltaVista, iWon, NetscapeNetcenter, Inktomi and AOL Time Warner just to name a few.

How To Get The Most From Google's Adwords

Written by Ben Chapi

There are various ways to purchase highly targeted advertising at very low prices. Google AdWords is one simple and quick way to to do this. Regardless of your budget, you can actually get your text ads appearing on search result pages based onrepparttar keywords or search terms that you buy. You can also target your ad to a specific language or country.

Pricing is based onrepparttar 128408 position in which your ad is shown but there is no minimum amount required in order to open an account. Google positions your ad based on how many users click on it over time. Current rates range from $15-$10 (per thousand ads shown) for positions 1-3, and $8 per thousand for positions 4-8.

According to Google, Adwords text ads have an average click through rate 4-5 times higher than banner ads. I have generated click through rates as high as 36% by usingrepparttar 128409 guidelines outlined below. I frequently test ads for as little as $1!

I've been using Google Adwords since it was first introduced and I've found it to be very effective for testing ads. My best click through rate so far has been 36% andrepparttar 128410 lowest being 0.98%! On average my ads get a 20% click through rate on very focused keywords and search terms and 6% on general popular relevant keywords. Here is what I do. When promoting my products I choose keywords/search terms that are very specific to generate highly qualified prospects. I get very few searches, but a very high click through rate. I then keeprepparttar 128411 ad running for a very long time.

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