Irish Driving Tales from the Dark Side.The Diary of aDriving Instructor

Written by Robin Piggott

An alternative title for this article could be ďDonít Think buying a new car will solve all your ills because it wonít! Fast rewind to a balmy summerís day in 1997 and our intrepid Instructor is seen to approach his chosen Automobile supplier cheque book atrepparttar ready. A really exciting time, buying a new car for cash forrepparttar 149731 first (and probably last) time in his life, so you would think. Think again,repparttar 149732 storm clouds are brewing (Actually I think they may coagulate)

Itís worth while pointing out at this stage thatrepparttar 149733 car had been ordered some time before and a set of OEM Alloy wheels were to be fitted. Enter showroom with big smile on face, to be met with an equally expansive smile fromrepparttar 149734 Service Manager, who was an old friend and Motoring adviser from many years previously. I am surerepparttar 149735 Salesman would have preferred to have dealt with me himself but in this world itís who you know not what you know, if you get my drift .Back in those days, beforerepparttar 149736 glistening new stainless steel and glass Emporiums that we are used to today when we visit main dealers, it was a bit rough and ready and no cappuccino on tap. Still, all was calm, friendly, and full of expectation. At this stage no hint of what was to come

. Your car is ready Sir;repparttar 149737 usual pleasantries of being ushered torepparttar 149738 waiting Beast (and it did turn out to be just that!) and a silence while we were allowed time to gasp and smile and generally feel good about ourselves. The car did look magnificent with its metallic blue paint, gleaming alloy wheels and electric front windows and other niceties. This was a Wednesday, inrepparttar 149739 month of August, andrepparttar 149740 sun was shining,repparttar 149741 birds singing (no rain for a change) and all was well as we completedrepparttar 149742 formalities and prepared for our new experience. It was indeed a great thrill but I was not to last! A few hours later with just 70 miles onrepparttar 149743 clock allrepparttar 149744 electrics went and outrepparttar 149745 window went my hopes, to be replaced with a foreboding that, as it turned out was wholly justified.

The first problem withrepparttar 149746 car would not have been so bad had it not been forrepparttar 149747 fact that my two Daughterís and I were booked onrepparttar 149748 Irish Car ferry torepparttar 149749 UK onrepparttar 149750 following Sunday at 8.00am.My heart sank as I realised that there were only two days or less to getrepparttar 149751 car roadworthy. Inrepparttar 149752 event ofrepparttar 149753 vehicle not being ready in time, a replacement car andrepparttar 149754 necessary Insurance cover would have to be ready by close of play onrepparttar 149755 Friday and this was now 2.00pm Wednesday. Not good!

Superb Dodge Custom Parts now available at Inner Auto

Written by Terry Brown

An elegant look and exceptional appeal for your Dodge Colt come with custom parts and accessories. Customizingrepparttar Colt is surely a hit for enthusiasts who want a personalized appearance for their car. Do you want stylish protection for today's expensive headlights? Inner Auto's customized headlight cover isrepparttar 149675 answer. Each application is custom designed, ensuring a perfect fit while enhancingrepparttar 149676 clean lines ofrepparttar 149677 vehicle.

Custom tailored carpeting rejuvenates a vehicle's interior while radio-wiring harness lets you add a universal radio to any system almost effortlessly! Plug your new radio directly into factory-installed wiring harness. Dodge Colt's interior can have that fresh air comfort in all weather conditions by customizing. Clean, fresh air circulates throughoutrepparttar 149678 vehicle's interior, while stale air and smoke is drawn out throughrepparttar 149679 window. You can also eliminate window fogging and cool parked vehicles.

Designed in a new sleek profile, these custom parts' subtle styling compliments many of today's popular compact cars. It adds stylish wings andrepparttar 149680 ultimate side window air deflector to your Colt.

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