Ireland's Bunratty Manor Hotel in the Heart of the Irish Shannon Region

Written by Kriss Hammond

Welcome to Bunratty Manor Hotel inrepparttar most traditional of Irish villages inrepparttar 143761 heart ofrepparttar 143762 Shannon Area in County Clare in western Ireland.

Situated conveniently close to Shannon Airport only 15 minutes away, with worldwide air connections. Bunratty Manor Hotel is also close to world-class golf resorts. Be sure to visit Bunratty Castle and Folk Park only two blocks away for a unique Medieval feast Ė open year around, orrepparttar 143763 Bunratty Winery or Irelandís oldest pub Ė Durty Nellieís Ė all within walking distance of Bunratty Manor Hotel.

Bunratty Manor Hotel is a very special and unique property where each guest is an individual and where traditional standards of personalized service and guest comfort take priority. Your hosts are Noel and Fiona Wallace, who have been welcoming guests for many years torepparttar 143764 14 room Manor. Noel is known throughout Ireland for his cuisine skills. Bunratty Manor Restaurant serves traditional locally sourced and fresh seafoods, meats and game. With a full bar and extensive wine list,repparttar 143765 restaurant provides services for groups of up to 40 as well and individual reservations for residents and non-residents. Evenrepparttar 143766 locals loverepparttar 143767 cuisine. For groups please give us 2 weeks advance notice. Email us at or visit our website at

Restaurant hours are from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Bunratty Manor Hotel provides quiet and clean accommodations, with new furniture throughoutrepparttar 143768 Victorian-style hotel.

Queen Room: Spacious Room with 1 Queen Bed,

Garden view, Tea/Coffee. Max Occupancy 2 Adults and 1 Child.

Double Room: Pleasant Room with 1 Double Bed, Garden view, Tea/Coffee. Max Occupancy 2 Adults.

Twin Room: Spacious Room with Twin Beds, Garden view, Tea/Coffee. Max Occupancy 2 Adults and 1 Child.

17 Ways to Keep Safe and Secure When Flying

Written by Michelle Annese

Here are 17 ways to keep safe and secure when flying domestic or abroad. Air travelers need to keep a sharp eye and an ever present focus on whatís going on around them. Even though it has been a few years sincerepparttar September 11th 2001 hijackings,repparttar 143714 threat of terrorist actions against air travelers is still ever present. Not to mention withrepparttar 143715 hustle and bustle of a busy airport. This is a prime place to be potentially burglarized by a professional thief or criminal.

1. Keep Your Photo Identification Handy. If you do not have photo identification, make sure you have two pieces of some other form of identification, one of which must be issued by a government authority. Minors are not obligated to have identification. Failure to have proper identification may result in additional security inspection and search. Some airlines may also prohibit you from boarding without proper ID. For international flights, airlines are required to collect your full name and ask you for a contact name and phone number.

2. Give Yourself Some Extra Time During busy hours, or when traveling. With elderly or disabled passengers, young children or infants, give yourself more than enough time to maneuver through a busy airport or to make necessary arrangements with airport personnel.

3. Do Not Park Your Vehicle and Left Unattended in Front ofrepparttar 143716 Terminal. The airport parking rules are being strictly enforced and your vehicle may be very swiftly ticketed and towed. So make sure to park in well-lit, designated areas. Find a parking garage or lot you are comfortable with and is well populated.

4. Know What You Have with You. Watch your bags all throughoutrepparttar 143717 airport terminal, shops, and lavatories. Donít accept packages from strangers or persons who you might have a casual conversation with. Be prepared to answer questions about who packed your bags and whether you might have left them unattended at any time. Focus carefully and answer honestlyóprevious history has shown terrorists and criminals use unaware passengers to carry bombs or other dangerous devices on board an aircraft, either by deceiving passengers into carrying packages or by slipping items into unprotected bags. If youíre unsure, make it known to airport security personnel.

5. Beware of Unattended Packages. If you see an unattended package, bag or piece of luggage inrepparttar 143718 terminal, report it torepparttar 143719 airport security staff or other airport personnel immediately.

6. Donít Fool Around. Donít joke about having a bomb, firearm or weapon with you. Security personnel are trained to react when they hear these words. Punishment can be harsh and can includerepparttar 143720 possibility of time in prison and/or large penalties and fines.

7. Anticipate Having Your Bag and Luggage Searched. Both carry-on and checked bags are subject to being hand-searched, especially when airline security personnel cannot determine by X-ray machinesrepparttar 143721 contents of one. Keep gifts unwrapped until after you arrive at your destination. Airline security personnel will open it if X-ray machines are unable to identifyrepparttar 143722 contents.

8. Leave Behind Firearms and Hazardous Products at Home. Many hazardous products are not allowed on aircraft. Donít pack or carry firearms, fireworks, flammable materials, household cleaners, or pressurized containers. Violations of hazardous materials regulations can have harsh civil penalties, as well as possible national legal action taken against you.

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