Invite failures

Written by krishnan.c


Can everybody attain their success in their single effort? or in single instance?

You can get answer to this question if you read or heardrepparttar bio-graphy of some successful peoples.

Definitely no body would have attained their success in their first effort or attempt.

In real life you may see numerous popular personalities in cinema or inrepparttar 138264 sports field,etc.

It is common to seerepparttar 138265 peak of any favorite artist or sports personality.Today we are able to see their continuous box office hits,medals and awards.

But it may not be possible for most of us,the struggles they paid to attain this continuous box office hits,medals,and awards.

Even some artists have told in their bio-graphy thatrepparttar 138266 director who refused chances or assignment inrepparttar 138267 entry stage,is now waiting for years together for their call sheet.

They would have never minded about their image,health,working hours,because their only aim at that time of entry would be that they should got recognition inrepparttar 138268 cinema industry.

Today thousands and thousands of fans are waiting to see their glimpse for a few seconds and hundreds of directors are waiting for their call sheet to their next film.

Companies are showing their face inrepparttar 138269 small screen and earning millions of dollars as profit.

They come to this present stage only after paying some hefty things like hard work,dedication,sinciority,etc.

They didn't come to this stage in all of a sudden.

They come to this stage after falling down many times.But they raised again and walked towards their dream.

You want to go to a multi storied building.It was some 24 storied building.You have to go to 24th storey.Can you go to that 24th storey by pulling yourself straight to that 24 th storey.

Definitely you can't.You have to crossrepparttar 138270 steps in betweenrepparttar 138271 24th storey building.May be you can go fast by skipping some one or two steps.But it is difficult to skip more than that.

You may argue,why should I go by foot when I can go in lift.

Evenrepparttar 138272 lift can pass one by one storey only and it cannot go straight to 24h storey.

When We are following these principles forrepparttar 138273 impossible and impracticable things in our routine life,we have to use these principles when we want to achieve success.

It is natural that most ofrepparttar 138274 peoples wanted to get their success in one instance or one attempt or one effort.

There is one proverb in Tamil,one ofrepparttar 138275 Indian oldest language.It says "Poruthar Boomi Alwar".It means those who have much patience will berepparttar 138276 king ofrepparttar 138277 world one day.

5 Tips to get out there and smell the roses….

Written by Claire Chapman

As we move torepparttar summer, it’s fantastic to seerepparttar 138258 sun shining, feelrepparttar 138259 heat and be able to get outside intorepparttar 138260 great outdoors to makerepparttar 138261 most ofrepparttar 138262 great world that we live in. I feel myself inspired byrepparttar 138263 spring flowers, and reinvigorated as I spend some time reveling in their colours. All seasons ofrepparttar 138264 year give us something special, but here are my 5 top tips to help you makerepparttar 138265 most of this season in particular…

1. Find yourself some space to smellrepparttar 138266 roses…

It is all too easy in today’s busy world to missrepparttar 138267 small things that make being human important to us, especially where we have many roles to play, family member, employee, lover, and more and more ways to keep in constant communication with people. Great athletes don’t stay great however, if they do not rest, and inrepparttar 138268 same way, creating some time to relax and take some time for yourself can give you more focus and in turn make you more productive as a result. Consider where in your life you can make some time to get out there and smellrepparttar 138269 roses. It may be that these are different chunks of time, such as lunchtimes,repparttar 138270 journey home, before or after work, or atrepparttar 138271 weekends. What work’s best for you? What do you need to have happen to protect that time?

2. Find somewhere to smell them…

There are so many beautiful places inrepparttar 138272 UK, makerepparttar 138273 most ofrepparttar 138274 area around you by getting to knowrepparttar 138275 places around you that you can go to be in nature. There are many parks, forests, walks, and your local tourist information or council may be able to give you some ideas on where to go. Thinking about what you love will help you makerepparttar 138276 most out ofrepparttar 138277 precious time that you have, and help reflectrepparttar 138278 mood that you are in – what do you feel like today? Water? Trees? A historic building with formal grounds? Wherever you go today, enjoy it?

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