Invisible web content? Yes it exists!

Written by jim Peters

A great deal ofrepparttar really good content onrepparttar 128330 www is contained in databases, so what, you say. Well, most search engines are unable to access these databases in their search process. In other words, this is data you'll never locate unless you know it's out there and you know exactly how to access it.

As I said inrepparttar 128331 above paragraph search e-sources forrepparttar 128332 most part are unable to access information contained in these Web-accessible databases. They are however able to accessrepparttar 128333 search e-source or interface associated with these databases, if you know how to search for them that is.

Here is an example (a picture is worth a thousand words they say, or should that be changed in this new millennium to "a screen shot is worth a thousand bits of data")

The trick is to search forrepparttar 128334 specific topic you're interested in withrepparttar 128335 Boolean "and" together withrepparttar 128336 word "database" in your query.

Searchedrepparttar 128337 web for medicine.

Have a look atrepparttar 128338 results produced using onlyrepparttar 128339 word medicine for our search. Results 17,900,000 documents found, but no databases.

Identify your Target Market by Tracking and Exploiting Profitable Search Engine Keyword Phrases.

Written by Jhonny Papas

There's a very lucrative "marketing formula" to targeting prospects onrepparttar Internet with "laser-beam"-like precision. Unlike savvy marketers, most Internet businesses focus on generic "single-word" keywords, other than keyword phrases (constituted by 2 or more words).

If you're not using a keyword tracking software to correlate your customers withrepparttar 128329 search engine keywords that motivated them to visit your web site, read your sales letter and submit an order, you're missing bits of very critical information.

One known method to track your referrals via search engines is by using a cgi/php script. All you need is to place a snippet of HTML, JavaScript or SSI code onto your web pages to track referrals and keywords. You also need to place a tracking code torepparttar 128330 "Thank You" page to trackrepparttar 128331 sale and identifyrepparttar 128332 customer.

Most Internet customers use two or more keywords to find products / services onrepparttar 128333 Internet. Critical data can be extracted from keywords that your customers used to visit your web site...

How to make Best Use of Keywords to Improve your Sales Letters and Boost ROI...

Let's assume that you already have a database of customers and in a database-field (let's name it field "K"),repparttar 128334 keywords (or keyword phrases) they used to order your product.

Now printrepparttar 128335 "K" field and start studyingrepparttar 128336 keywords. Evaluate your web site and discernrepparttar 128337 strong points of your sales letter. You can make appropriate adjustments in your sales copy by reinforcingrepparttar 128338 conceivable value of your product and usingrepparttar 128339 "K" field as a compass.

You'll also discover that prospective customers use a variation of keyword combinations. Once you discover your most profitable keywords that customers use via search engines to visit and order your goods, your promotions will start reaping more fruit.

Another technique you can use based on keyword metrics, isrepparttar 128340 addition of "alluring incentives" that compel prospects to take action now! It's almost like reading your prospects' mind! Can you seerepparttar 128341 power behind this methodology?

That'srepparttar 128342 focal "golden concept" to usingrepparttar 128343 Internet as an "Ultimate Sales Genie".

Hint: Some forceful marketers use Search Engine Keyword Tracking, to produce even more compelling infomercials on TV as well.

A Crucial Internet Keyword-Research Tool to Discover what your Prospective Customers are using Now, to Buy Products onrepparttar 128344 Internet...

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