Invisible Slavery System - II

Written by Emmett Dabru

Invisible puzzles are mechanisms hidden inside products and services you use, andrepparttar social/political systems you interact with. They are invisible due torepparttar 125878 use of manufactured perception and deniability-tactics. These puzzles are designed to harness everyone's efforts to silently maintain and operate an Invisible Slavery System...

Many people have been taught that what is legal is right, and what is not legal is wrong. As if this were an absolute base line for right and wrong. Some will even tie this into their religious convictions, so that it cannot be questioned at all. And some will come up with a "right and wrong" from a specific mix ofrepparttar 125879 two. This is all a matter of brainwashing. As soon as you state something is right or wrong, without thinking it through for yourself from an unbiased perspective, then you are demonstrating how your mind is being controlled.

Many laws inrepparttar 125880 US had nothing to do with public opinion, and nothing to do withrepparttar 125881 congressman you voted into office. Many US laws are written in silently and quickly, with as little media coverage as possible. These laws are not "right" by anyone's definition except for those who want to control you. This does not mean allrepparttar 125882 other laws are ok. They were voted in by people whose perspectives were manufactured for them through mind control.

If you allow a bias of what makes something right or wrong cause you to feel that these laws are right without you yourself figuring outrepparttar 125883 details, then you are doing yourself andrepparttar 125884 rest ofrepparttar 125885 world a big disservice. This isrepparttar 125886 center ofrepparttar 125887 whole problem. Most ofrepparttar 125888 support torepparttar 125889 ISS comes from ordinary people who think with these preprogrammed (biased) perspectives. Democracy is designed so that these people - through taxes and voting - supportrepparttar 125890 “system”. That makes it very easy for a powerful entity to controlrepparttar 125891 "system" through perception engineering tactics aimed atrepparttar 125892 normal person. A perception cloak hidesrepparttar 125893 deniable lines of function behindrepparttar 125894 actions of these normal people, who are working hard on tasks which actually channel power and wealth torepparttar 125895 ISS. And that in turn makes it virtually impossible for those who do see what's happening to do anything about it.

Unfortunately, this legal system that many people blindly support and equate to justice is in fact a cloaking device, used to hiderepparttar 125896 ISS tentacles through deniability mechanisms. The deniability cloak is based in law. A law based society makes promises it will not keep. Solutions torepparttar 125897 world's problems are worked on diligently butrepparttar 125898 problems are never solved. This is becauserepparttar 125899 ISS uses problems like those to further its agendas. Drugs, fraud, terrorism, global warming, human rights issues, cancer, AIDS, SARS, and other global issues are like chess pieces, played byrepparttar 125900 ISS as it maintains its control and its profits. The object is to deniably manufacture or twist a problem so there is no real solution to it in that form WHILE convincing us ofrepparttar 125901 progress of current efforts to solve it AND WHILE convincing us ofrepparttar 125902 continued threat this problem poses for humanity SO THAT we will continuously supportrepparttar 125903 "cause" without actually finding a solution. The perception cloak manifests false world problems and false solution-paths to real world problems, whilerepparttar 125904 deniability cloak hidesrepparttar 125905 control mechanisms that move into your life as a result. These control mechanisms enslave you while your mind is focused onrepparttar 125906 perception-engineered purpose for each. A law-based society makes this inevitable because it creates an ideal medium for invisible puzzles to control us. Ifrepparttar 125907 "very few very powerful" didn't take advantage of it somebody else would have. Therefore it is also inevitable that a "very few very powerful" ruling class exists. I'm saying that with or without proof, a law-based society inevitably generates an ISS that enslaves us. And this consequently makes it impossible to solverepparttar 125908 world's problems.

Therefore real solutions to real world problems must work independently of law.

Did these “very few, very powerful people” designrepparttar 125909 ISS? Or perhaps some other mastermind? Is there really someone or some group that has nothing better to do than to work outrepparttar 125910 strategies to manipulate society for their profit? Or is this ISS merely an inadvertent byproduct of normal human civilization during its current very clumsy stages? Which one is it? Is there proof? And is there a solution? After years of thought about this I came torepparttar 125911 realization thatrepparttar 125912 right information technologies would both reveal proof ofrepparttar 125913 ISS torepparttar 125914 world, and put an end to it. The technology I'm thinking of would haverepparttar 125915 same effect onrepparttar 125916 ISS as turning lights on in a dark room - allrepparttar 125917 mysteries in that room,repparttar 125918 boogie men,repparttar 125919 burglars, your kid brother, etc, would become visible. With lights you no longer have to guess. And you can see exactly what causes what, and how. I'm thinking of technology that would reveal everything of concern torepparttar 125920 public, making it visible and comprehensible torepparttar 125921 average person. It would automatically obsolete and replacerepparttar 125922 ISS, accommodating solutions torepparttar 125923 real world's problems withoutrepparttar 125924 use of deception and force. I see these revolutionary information technologies taking human traits normally considered bad (like greed) and satisfying them through new lines of motivation that naturally favor environmental and humanitarian concerns, individual rights, honesty, accountability and quality. The natural (unregulated) capabilities of this futuristic technology will interact withrepparttar 125925 full spectrum of human endeavor, causing all these independent efforts to collectively work towardsrepparttar 125926 good of society,repparttar 125927 individual andrepparttar 125928 environment. Products will be created that last virtually forever, non-polluting energy solutions will be found and implemented,repparttar 125929 truth about your water and air will be revealed and comprehensive solutions provided, etc. It will accomplish this through a combination of several key technologies that obsolete and replace most social/political systems of today, while facilitatingrepparttar 125930 real solutions torepparttar 125931 real problems.

Katie Collman: Another Victim of the War on Drugs

Written by Paul Zimmerman

Katie Collman, a ten year old Crothersville, IN girl was murdered because she allegedly witnessed drug activity ( If not forrepparttar continuing War on Drugs, Katie Collman would be alive today.

Whilerepparttar 125877 killer of Katie Collman must bear responsibility for his monstrous actions, when will those who continuerepparttar 125878 War on Drugs accept any responsiblity forrepparttar 125879 consequences of their actions?

During Prohibition if someone stumbled upon a still or a bootlegger's warehouse, they'd be lucky to escape with their lives. Out of desperation some people drank wood alcohol and went blind or died. Organized crime received a shot inrepparttar 125880 arm fromrepparttar 125881 revenues made possible by Prohibition. Allrepparttar 125882 deaths and mayhem, crime and corruption during Prohibition were predictable and preventable, and in fact ended with Prohibition. Why is that concept so difficult to understand whenrepparttar 125883 drug in question is not alcohol, but some other substance?

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