Investing in a Billiard Cue.

Written by P. Williams

Buying your own pool cue can be a confusing business as there are so many different brands on offer. Because of this it is important that you do not jump straight in and buyrepparttar first cue that catches your eye.

I agree that most people will purchase a cue first of all because of its aesthetic appeal but you don’t have to be a cue maker to realise that aesthetics do not reflectrepparttar 142991 playability of a cue.

Players who want to improve their game all come torepparttar 142992 conclusion that they require their own playing cue. This is very important to a pool player’s development, a player builds a bond with a particular cue and get used torepparttar 142993 way it feels andrepparttar 142994 way that it plays. A player that is playing regularly cannot get this same consistency from a standard house cue. You cannot guarantee that a house cue is straight or thatrepparttar 142995 tip will do a proficient job.

When buying a cue it is important to try and getrepparttar 142996 right feel as if you just buyrepparttar 142997 first thing you come across then you could be spending hard earned cash on an instrument that you are not happy with inrepparttar 142998 long run. My advice to anyone purchasing a cue is to try as many different types before you buy. Ask friends, family or other regular players down at your local pool hall if you can play a few racks with their cue. This will give you a better understanding of what suits you and what doesn’t.

When ordering a cue make sure that it isrepparttar 142999 correct weight for you, not only should it be comfortable, but also havingrepparttar 143000 wrong weight can make a huge difference torepparttar 143001 feel ofrepparttar 143002 cue. I have had many players inrepparttar 143003 past that have come to me to purchase a cue and have just orderedrepparttar 143004 weight that I have in stock rather than waitingrepparttar 143005 couple of weeks whilst it is ordered.

The next thing to consider isrepparttar 143006 shaft;repparttar 143007 majority of pool cue shafts are made from Maple, this is a very hardwearing wood. You have to decide whether you are going to go for a plain Maple shaft or one ofrepparttar 143008 name brands like Predator or Meucci. The name brand shafts are excellent for what they offer but it is also reflected inrepparttar 143009 price, both ofrepparttar 143010 manufacturers mentioned claim to haverepparttar 143011 least cue ball deflection when playing with side English. The predator has a very stiff hit created byrepparttar 143012 laminating of ten pieces of maple in a cylindrical pattern. The Meucci has quite soft whippy feel to it, which is caused byrepparttar 143013 flat lamination of 32 thin pieces of maple. Both cues are excellent but there are a whole host of other manufacturers out there whose cues would suffice. Another thing to look out for is shafts layered with fibreglass. These cues do have extra strength throughrepparttar 143014 design butrepparttar 143015 feel ofrepparttar 143016 shaft can get very sticky and jerky through your bridging hand,repparttar 143017 main brands that use this are Cuetec and Scorpion.

Iron Mike Tyson to Fight Again

Written by Elvis Preston King

Ifrepparttar King has anything to say about it. No not Don King, Elvis King, Elvis Preston King.

Maybe Mike would like to retire but he simply can’t. He just owes too much money. Mike will most likely be wanting to hang out with your kingrepparttar 142877 world’s number 1 playboy who picks up and seduces more young 18 year old dream girls than any man alive. Ok this won’t cost Mike and arm and a leg but it is a necessary part of enjoying one’s retirement…When Mike Tyson and Elvis King REALLY retire! Don’t kid yourself Mike will be fighting again and soon!

“ Just don't have it in me anymore. . . . My career’s over,” Tyson said. “It’s been over since 1990.”

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