Investing in New Zealand - Learn how to Find Unique Investment Opportunities

Written by Ofer Shoshani

Copyright 2005 Ofer Shoshani

Investing in New Zealand might be much easier than investing in other western countries, thank torepparttar excellent infrastructure,repparttar 149477 low taxes andrepparttar 149478 assistance ofrepparttar 149479 supportive NZ government.

Technological Face of New Zealand

New Zealand has a unique reputation withinrepparttar 149480 global market place. This country offers a complicated dichotomy – a technological savvy environment with a laid back attitude. New Zealanders are known for their ability to get things done, their wiliness to be onrepparttar 149481 cutting-edge of technology, and their friendly, welcoming attitudes. This combination comes together to form an inviting environment for investment.

New Zealand – All Wired Up

New Zealand has made aggressive steps towards encouraging investment and advance technology interests. In fact, New Zealanders are notorious for being early adopters of technology. New Zealand has one ofrepparttar 149482 highest investments in information technology in proportion of GDP inrepparttar 149483 world. New Zealand may be onrepparttar 149484 other side ofrepparttar 149485 world, butrepparttar 149486 aggressive technological advances make New Zealand seem like a next-door neighbor.

New Zealand has several sophisticated telecommunication access points, with companies such as AT&T, British Telecom, Bell Atlantic, Sprint Cable & Wireless and Telstra operating affiliate sites in New Zealand. In 2000, Southern Cross Cable established a sophisticated fibre optic system through out New Zealand, linking via satellite systems to San Francisco, Hawaii, Australia and Fiji. This high powered system allowsrepparttar 149487 transfer of data at lightening speeds,repparttar 149488 equivalent of two full-length motion pictures every second.

New Zealand’s Potential

5 ways to use your Business Cards more effectively

Written by Brandon Hopkins

5 ways to use your Business Cards more effectively

Contrary to popular belief,repparttar best use of business cards is not making origami or collecting dust. But, in this article you will find 5 ofrepparttar 149435 most effective ways to use your business cards on a daily basis!

When Joe Girard,repparttar 149436 world's greatest salesman, was selling cars he would frequently go to Detroit Lions football games.

Even though he could afford more expensive seats, he chose to sit inrepparttar 149437 upper deck and wheneverrepparttar 149438 Lions scored, he would throw business cards offrepparttar 149439 top deck ontorepparttar 149440 expensive seats below that offered a discount on a new car that was only goodrepparttar 149441 following day.

Joe Girard's example leads us to our first point:

1. Be Creative

An instructor at a karate class might hand out business cards at his son's t-ball game that say "First Lesson Free with this card". A pet store owner might give out business cards that have an offer for a free goldfish, or 10% off a purchase over $100.

No matter what your type of business, there is a creative way to get your business cards intorepparttar 149442 hands of buyers.

If you can think of these creative ways before your competition does, you are one step ahead, and you will seerepparttar 149443 increase in business.

2. Rememberrepparttar 149444 1 to 1 ratio

The 1 to 1 ratio isrepparttar 149445 easiest formula you'll ever need to know. If you talk to someone for more than 1 minute, they should have 1 of your business cards in their hand. That isrepparttar 149446 1 to 1 ratio.

Basically that means that you need to find a way to talk about what you do, and get your business card in their hand withinrepparttar 149447 first minute ofrepparttar 149448 conversation.

Think of it as an elevator conversation. This prospect will be getting off of your elevator soon, so you have a short time to get that business card into their hand.

3. Make them keepers

Once you have your business card inrepparttar 149449 hand of your potential prospects, what is going to make them keep it?

Unless you are selling air and water, potential clients probably don't need what you sell, but hopefully they want what you sell.

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