Invented Spelling --- Another Alice-in-Wonderland Public-School Theory

Written by Joel Turtel

As part ofrepparttar whole-language (or "balanced") reading-instruction philosophy, many public schools now teach what they call “invented” or “creative” spelling. Under this theory of spelling, teachers believe that forcing a child to spell a word correctly thwartsrepparttar 145646 child's "creativity." So in classrooms across America, many public-school teachers now encourage children to spell words any way they like.

Also, many school officials now believe it is not important to teach correct spelling because, sorepparttar 145647 theory goes, a child will “eventually” learn to spell correctly. Unfortunately, millions of children who start out as poor spellers, stay that way. How, in our Alice-in-Wonderland public-school classrooms, will a child learn to spell correctly if public schools think that correct spelling is meaningless?

Charles J. Sykes, author of "Dumbing Down Our Kids," providesrepparttar 145648 following real-life examples of invented spelling in our public schools:

“Joan W. and Beverly J. [last names omitted for privacy] are not experts. They just didn’t understand why their children weren’t learning to write, spell, or read very well. They didn’t understand why their children kept coming home with sloppy papers filled with spelling mistakes and bad grammar and why teachers never corrected them or demanded better work. Mrs. W. couldn’t fathom why her child’s teacher would write a “Wow!” and award a check-plus (for above average work) to a paper that read:

“I’m goin to has majik skates. Im goin to go to disenalen. Im goin to bin my mom and dad and brusr and sisd. We r go to se mickey mouse.”

"On another assignment whererepparttar 145649 children were told to write about why, where, and how they would run away from home without their parents knowing about it, here’s what one child wrote: “I would run awar because by mom and Dad don’t love me. I would run away with my brother torepparttar 145650 musan in mlewsky. We will use are packpacks and put all are close in it. We will take a lot of mony with us so we can go onrepparttar 145651 bus torepparttar 145652 musam. We will stay there for a tlong timne so my mom and dad know they did not love us.”

Do It Yourself Divorce Forms

Written by Sara Jenkins

Do It Yourself Divorce is an easy way to filerepparttar divorce for people who have no time to visit a lawyer or an attorney. But there is a partial list of paperwork that you will need to fill up, for a Do It Yourself Divorce. Each state has its own document requirements. So you should check with your County Clerkrepparttar 145643 required Do It Yourself Divorce Forms. You can also download your own state's Do It Yourself Divorce Form from internet.

There are some basic forms needed for a Do It Yourself Divorce. You are required to fillrepparttar 145644 Petition for Divorce which givesrepparttar 145645 court an authority over your divorce case. A Financial Affidavit Form is also needed to fill up Your Do It Yourself Divorce Form. It putsrepparttar 145646 financial agreements beforerepparttar 145647 Court. The Notice of Hearing is a form whereinrepparttar 145648 judge sets a date for hearingrepparttar 145649 divorce case.

Answer and Affidavit Form allows your spouse to be not present atrepparttar 145650 hearing, if he acknowledgesrepparttar 145651 validity ofrepparttar 145652 Do It Yourself Divorce. Before filling up your Do It Yourself Divorce Form, you can askrepparttar 145653 Court Clerk if this is possible in your state and where you can getrepparttar 145654 other forms from. Certificate of Corroborating Witness Form establishes that you have resided in that state, long enough to qualify for a divorce in that state.

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