Intuitive Thinking

Written by Dale Power

When I say Intuitive thinking, I am not talking about usingrepparttar occasional hunch or even having full blown psychic premonitions. Intuitive thought is a complete process that allows for psychic input as well as learned information, to form complete ideas that can be used in everyday life. It is a true altered state of consciousness.

With this one technique you can learn about, understand and invent processes that otherwise would never occur to you. It allows a person to approach true understanding of a subject matter, if given enough time.

It can also allow you to understandrepparttar 122103 current course of events in a specific subject area, and by application of thought, let you to alter or influence events in another direction. This is perhapsrepparttar 122104 true, greatest use of precognition, to see what is coming and avoiding it skillfully to your benefit.

I have used this type of thinking to make great personal strides in many areas of my own life, martial arts, psychic phenomenon and business in particular!

First I am going to make a few assumptions here. My working premise is that anyone trying this will already be familiar with some form of meditation or bio-feedback, as well as some type of psychic functioning.

Second, if you are interested in intuitive thinking skills, that you are a person with enough discipline to handlerepparttar 122105 potential problems that may arise from thinking in a new fashion. Quite frankly, when you begin to think in a markedly different fashion, it is possible to encounter situations in which your actions seem so different that to some they seem insane. Until your actions bring aboutrepparttar 122106 desired results, of course.

Even withrepparttar 122107 potential hardships involved, as we are moving into times so troubled that they cannot be understood in our common way, we need to have as many as individuals possible capable of alternative thought and action.

Weather Control

Written by Dale Power

The old man climbs torepparttar top ofrepparttar 122102 highest mountain overlookingrepparttar 122103 enemy encampment. As he gazes down on them, he raises his staff and with it his power. Intense focus in his eyes,repparttar 122104 staff is pointed atrepparttar 122105 sky. A few moments later dark foreboding clouds roll in, roiling with power and menace. In a flash, lightning suddenly fillsrepparttar 122106 night, a whirlwind spins throughrepparttar 122107 camp below, followed by a torrent of rain and mighty winds.

The enemy retreatsrepparttar 122108 next morning in defeat.

Now, honestly, when you readrepparttar 122109 title of this, how many of you were thinking of something along those lines?

Weather control can be used for combat, which will be addressed in this article, but it can also be used to soften, at times stop totally, natural disasters. It can also be used to gain water for crops and to fight forest fires, before they destroyrepparttar 122110 entire forest. A gentle breeze can be called to cool a hot summers day and stilled inrepparttar 122111 winter to leave you with a bit of body heat.

The weather is an active system and therefore is fairly easily manipulated on a psychic level. Just because a thing can be done easily, does not mean it should be done though. It is important to use great care when working withrepparttar 122112 environment, because what happens in one place can, and will, effect other places. Plus, in a very complicated system, it is difficult at best, to track all ofrepparttar 122113 possible results of a given action.

The actual techniques used in weather control are simple.

Properly center yourself and focus.

Holdrepparttar 122114 idea of what weather effect you wish to happen. Make sure to hold it long enough thatrepparttar 122115 field will have a chance to createrepparttar 122116 conditions you wish.

Thatís all that you really need to begin.

The trick is in how you do it and what you try to do. For instance, many of you will be familiar withrepparttar 122117 idea of a self-propagating field, a field that continues to grow in strength and size underrepparttar 122118 power of its own organization, which could lead to disaster when working withrepparttar 122119 weather!

It is best to use less force and take more time, rather than forcing sudden drastic changes in climate or local environment. It cuts down on negative side effects.

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