Intuition: Your Secret Weapon for Sales Success

Written by Lynn Robinson, M.Ed.

Mark sits at his desk with his eyes closed, pen in hand, apparently deep in thought. Or is he dozing? Actually, he's about to take a crucial first step in winning a new account.

Holly is on her way to see a potential client when a flash of insight radically changes her strategy forrepparttar meeting. An hour later she has a contract for a six-figure account plus a substantial signing bonus.

Mark ponders and Holly has an ah-hah moment. Yet they're both doingrepparttar 127194 same thing - they're checking in with their intuition before making a sales call. Why? They've discovered thatrepparttar 127195 insights and promptings they get from their "inner voices" can help them score more sales more easily than when they go it alone.

Make Intuition Your Ally - Intuition isrepparttar 127196 secret weapon of many successful sales leaders. Ask them about it, though, and they're likely to describe it as "gut instinct." Sound familiar? Of course it does, because whether you admit it or not, you're highly likely to have experienced it yourself, and just as likely to have ignored its messages.

The fact is, everyone receives intuitive information. It's both a gift and a skill, andrepparttar 127197 more you practice itrepparttar 127198 better you get at it. How does your intuition speak to you? Do you receive information in words, feelings, a flash of insight, a gut reaction? Do you simply just know? Roy Rowan, author of a study on intuition, said, "This feeling, this little whisper from deep inside your brain, may contain far more information - both facts and impressions - than you're likely to obtain from hours of analyzing data."

Ask Your Intuition Questions - My friend Mark, who you met atrepparttar 127199 beginning of this article, is a national sales leader in his industry. When I asked him how he explains his success he told me that before he meets with a client he asks his intuition a series of questions such as, "What do I need to know about this company?" "What isrepparttar 127200 best way to approachrepparttar 127201 decision maker?" "What should I know about who I'm competing against for this sale?" "What can I do to win this account?" He sits with pen in hand and quiets his thoughts. The answers come to him as he writes. Mark's competition scratches their heads.

Keep Your "Inner Sales Person" Positive - Pay attention to what you tell yourself about your sales prospects and your life. If your "self-talk" is positive and optimistic your personal and business life will reflect that. Try a simple experiment. Close your eyes and sayrepparttar 127202 following to yourself for about 30 seconds: "I'll never get ahead. I'm not good at sales. I won't make my quota this month." How do you feel? Depressed? Demoralized? Hopeless?

Now dorepparttar 127203 same experiment and focus on these statements: "Things have a way of working out." "I'm learning some new skills and things are beginning to change for me." "Today I'll take steps that will open up opportunities for more income." Now how do you feel? Hopeful? Optimistic? More confident? When you're in this state it's much easier for you to be open to intuitive messages pointing you to avenues of increased prosperity.

Know Your Gut, Know Your Client - Successfully makingrepparttar 127204 sale requires that you process hundreds of pieces of information subconsciously. You must develop and trust your ability to use your intuition to read betweenrepparttar 127205 lines. Do you press a client forrepparttar 127206 sale, or do you back off and wait? Are they motivated byrepparttar 127207 lowest price you can offer or isrepparttar 127208 quality of your product or servicerepparttar 127209 prime impetus for buying from you? Many times, logic and analysis will provide that information. On other occasions, your gut feelings or instincts - your intuition - will providerepparttar 127210 answers.

Here's a really simple way... to learn creating amazing headlines

Written by Mark Doyle

Here's a really simple way... to learn creating amazing headlines that will give you exclusive breakthrough amongst your e-business competitors.

How do you surf onrepparttar Internet? Which pages interest you, which grab your attention, which ones simply !RUSH! you?...

If you are really success passionate person... You MUST know these rules of influencing your ... let's say customer, from her/his first view to your headline.

It's true that Internet (and especially e-marketing) changes very fast. However money are earned by people, not byrepparttar 127193 PCs, HDDs, ISPs.. The true about amazing headlines is simple: You need to know your customers feelings, which ones make her or him to react...

Tip #1 -- Concentrate in learning these 15 emotions that influence every person to act. Here they are:

- Love - Curiosity - Ego - Power - Mystery - - Fear - Pain - Convenience - Jealousy - Sloth - - Lust - Shock - Greed - Pride - Anger -

These words pull reaction when even stands alone. When used right picked, right applied to your marketing goals,- bring absolutely amazing results!

It's really easy to find out which emotion or emotions best fits each other. Let's say...

You have created a new revolutionary software which will automate e-mail marketing process up to 95% percent of it's time... If you'll explain allrepparttar 127194 benefits to peoplerepparttar 127195 way you see it, people will get curious, their marketing will become powerful, their competition will become jealous, someone might have a shock...

#2 -- When writing your headline, think aboutrepparttar 127196 headline as if you see it fromrepparttar 127197 surfers view It needs to grab your reader's attention. Realize that people surfingrepparttar 127198 web are looking foe information.

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