Written by Pawan Bangar

Intranets What exactly is an intranet? It's one of those terms that's more thrown around than understood, and has become more of a buzzword than a commonly understood idea. Simply put, an intranet is a private network with Internet technology used asrepparttar underlying architecture. An intranet is built usingrepparttar 107795 Internet's TCP/IP protocols for communications. TCP/IP protocols can be run on many hardware platforms and cabling schemes. The underlying hardware is not what makes an intranet-it'srepparttar 107796 software protocols that matter. Intranets can co-exist with other local area networking technology. In many companies, existing "legacy systems" including mainframes, Novell networks, minicomputers, and various databases, are being integrated into an intranet. A wide variety of tools allow this to happen. Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripting is often used to access legacy databases from an intranet. The Java programming language can be used to access legacy databases as well. Withrepparttar 107797 enormous growth ofrepparttar 107798 Internet, an increasing number of people in corporations use

The Cycle of Windows Life.

Written by Michael List

As with all creatures, Windows GUIís (Graphic User Interface) runningrepparttar Windows 9x operating system, including Windows ME, has a life cycle.

If your computer is setup correctly and you donít regularly add and remove components or programs,the Windows life cycle usually will last about three years. You will know when Windows is fading byrepparttar 107794 signs it gives you. The most common isrepparttar 107795 GPF (General Protection Fault), you will see this from time to time while using programs in Windows, you know,repparttar 107796 errors that come up telling you that something has caused an illegal operation and although you have a couple of options, you still wind up usingrepparttar 107797 infamous Ctr-Alt-Del soft boot to rectifyrepparttar 107798 problem.

This is whatís happening: Time and usage takes its toll on your computers hardware and software. Windows9x/Me is no exception. Each time you add and remove components and/or software Windows has to make massive changes to itself. This includes rearranging files, adding and deleting dynamic linking files and hundreds of other changes. Over time even Windows starts getting Alzheimerís disease. Fortunately there is a cure.

Windows has a number of programs built-in that can increaserepparttar 107799 longevity of your system. The most important of these is SCANDISK, you can run scandisk by clicking on START, PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES,

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