Interviews with Well-Known Ezine Writers #2: - John Colanzi

Written by Michael Southon

MS: John, you must be one ofrepparttar most prolific Ezine Writers onrepparttar 129609 Web - I see your articles nearly everyday inrepparttar 129610 article lists and in dozens of Newsletters. How long have you been writing Ezine Articles?

JC: I first started writing ezine articles around 1999.

MS: What arerepparttar 129611 main topics that you write about in your Ezine Articles?

JC: I mainly write two types of articles, (i) Marketing and promotion, (ii) Success and motivation.

MS: John, how important have Ezine articles been in promoting your website?

JC: I sometimes use paid advertising, but my main method of promotion is writing and submitting articles.

MS: John, what sort of Articles have you had most success with? In your experience, what kind of Articles are most in demand?

JC: I getrepparttar 129612 most feedback on articles about success and motivation

MS: Some Ezine Writers promote a product or service in their Resource Box, while others aim only to get a subscription to their free Newsletter. What would your advice be for getting maximum results from your Resource Box?

JC: I usually promote my newsletter and free ebook inrepparttar 129613 resource box. Sometimes I promote a product, but mainlyrepparttar 129614 newsletter.

MS: What have you found to berepparttar 129615 most effective ways of getting your Articles published?

JC: Persistence. I've set up a weekly mailing to publishers. Most publishers get a lot of submissions, so getting them to notice you article will take some time. Once they start using your articles, they are more likely to start reading your submissions.

MS: Apart from getting your Articles published in Newsletters, are there any other ways you use your Articles to promote your website? (such as turning them into a free E-Book)?

A Profitable Idea for Writers

Written by Mary Anne Hahn

To say that I read a lot is perhaps one ofrepparttar greatest understatements of all time. I read chronically, obsessively. Articles, books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters--you name it. Whenever I am alone, if I'm not actually writing something, I make certain I have something to read with me. I carry a large purse precisely for this purpose; my partner, John, callsrepparttar 129608 one I hoist on my shoulder these days "carryon luggage," which should give you some idea of its size :-).

Although I have a great love for novels, most of my recent reading involves topics that inform and/or inspire. Of special interest to me is anything that can show me new ways (or new slants on old ways) for writers to make a comfortable living using their skills, things that I can share withrepparttar 129609 readers of my ezine, WriteSuccess.

One area that continues to look especially promising and profitable for writers is ebook writing and publishing.

For readers,repparttar 129610 convenience of ebooks can't be beat; you can purchase your book and be reading it moments later without getting up from your PC or Mac.

For writers, benefits abound. Ebooks are relatively inexpensive and easy to publish. You don't need to shop around for an agent. There's no yearlong wait between having your manuscript accepted and seeing it in print. And you can do some neat things with ebooks that you can't withrepparttar 129611 traditional print variety--include your own clip art and graphics, add hypertext links right inrepparttar 129612 pages of your book that take you readers to related Web sites, and other fun online stuff.

You can't just slap an ebook together and expect to find an instant road to riches, however. Finding and developing a book on a topic that people care about, and will pay for, is key. You will also need to decide whether to self-publish, or go through an ebook publisher. Andrepparttar 129613 success of your ebook lies in how willingly, and how well, you market it.

Probablyrepparttar 129614 most sought-after type of ebooks, and hencerepparttar 129615 most profitable avenue you can pursue, arerepparttar 129616 ones that contain information. These runrepparttar 129617 gamut as far as content, from how to develop a gorgeous perennial garden to how to balance one's work and family life. If people are passionate aboutrepparttar 129618 topic, and feel it will enhance their lives, they will buy a book about it.

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