Interviews with Well-Known Ezine Writers #1: - Bob Leduc

Written by Michael Southon

MS: Bob, how important have Ezine Articles been in achieving your success in online business?

BL: Very important! Most of what I learned 6 or 7 years ago about doing business onrepparttar Internet came from articles written by others already working online. Today, most of my new customers and clients are generated byrepparttar 129617 articles I write.

MS: How long have you been writing Ezine Articles and what arerepparttar 129618 main topics that you write about in your Ezine Articles?

BL: I've been writing Ezine articles for 5 years and I mainly write about Marketing and Sales

MS: Bob, amongst allrepparttar 129619 promotion techniques you use, how important are Ezine articles?

BL: 1st a large margin

MS: Are there other techniques you use?

BL: Yes. I also do off line promotions by postcard.

MS: Bob, what sort of articles have you had most success with? In your experience, what kind of Articles are most in demand?

BL: "How to" articles about how to find more prospects and customers or how to close more sales. I've been very successful at building my own business and helping other business owners build theirs. I write aboutrepparttar 129620 things I learned and use ...and tailor my writing specifically to help other small business owners.

MS: Some Ezine Writers promote a product or service in their Resource Box, while others aim only to get a subscription to their free Newsletter. What would your advice be for getting maximum results from your Resource Box?

BL: Both methods are effective. To generaterepparttar 129621 maximum responserepparttar 129622 byline must offerrepparttar 129623 reader an enticing benefit.

MS: What have you found to berepparttar 129624 most effective ways of getting your Articles published?

BL: Building my own list of publishers who requested articles from me.

MS: Apart from getting your Articles published in Newsletters, are there any other ways you use your Articles to promote your website? (such as turning them into a free E-Book)?

The NLP Secret That Makes Your Words Sell

Written by Kris Mills

Writing cracker-jack copy would be a lot simpler if every potential client thought inrepparttar same way. But in reality, they don't.

The good news is that by understandingrepparttar 129615 various ways people think, you can appeal to all personality types in your copy. And by doing that, your responses will dramatically improve.

You see, people process information using different senses. Some people are great listeners but lousy at visualising a concept. Others can't truly grasp what you're talking about unless you draw pictures on a whiteboard.

The teachings of Neuro Linguistic Programming state that there are three main information processing methods. They are visual (sight), auditory (sound) and kinesthetic (touch). The others are through thinking, smelling and tasting.

By using a combination of words that relate to each ofrepparttar 129616 senses, you're covering all bases by appealing to all types of people. Here are some examples of words that relate to various senses.

***************** Visual (sight) ***************** appears to, see, look, blind, bright, brilliant, clear, colourful, crystal clear, draw, enlighten, focus, glance, horizon, illustrate, imagine, dream, insight, it looks like, light, mirror, outlook, paint a picture, picture, reveal, see, sketch, visualise, vibrant, vivid, watch

***************** Auditory (sound) ***************** announce, argue, boom, buzz , crash, hear, listen, loud, rave, sound, noise, silence, speak, shout, music, noise, quiet, ring, roar, scream, shout, silent, silence, snap, sound, speak, squeal, talk, tell, voice, whisper, whistle, yell

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