Interviews With Successful Ezine Publishers - Pamela Geiss

Written by Ken Hill

Pamela Geiss isrepparttar publisher of LotsaPerks Newsletter which offers tips and articles onrepparttar 124263 best ways to advertise online. Pamela publishes twice a week with an occasional Sunday tutorial that teaches her subscribers something they have asked to learn about. She also has a classifieds issue on Saturdays where subscribers can place a free ad.

To subscribe visit or with your first name inrepparttar 124264 body ofrepparttar 124265 email.

KH: How important has publishing an ezine been to your business?

PG: It has beenrepparttar 124266 most important thing I have done online. It'srepparttar 124267 best way to develop relationships with people. The Internet is so impersonal and so many people have been scammed online that you really need to give them a chance to get to know you before they will think about trusting you enough to purchase anything from you.

KH: How long have you been running an ezine and how many subscribers do you have?

PG: I have been publishingrepparttar 124268 LotsaPerks Newsletter for over 3 years now and have over 10,000 subscribers.

KH: Do you submit your ezine to directories and/or announcement lists and if so how effective has this been in gaining new subscribers to your publication?

PG: The first thing I did was to go to and put in ezine+directories and then I listed my ezine in every one of them. I recommend listing your ezine everywhere you can find. You can never get too much exposure!

If they had had Ezine Announcer when I first started, it would have saved me hours and hours of time, but it didn't exist then.

KH: Do you write and use your own articles to promote your ezine? How valuable has writing articles been in promoting your ezine?

PG: Writing articles isrepparttar 124269 best free advertising you can get! You not only get your business out there in front of many people, but you also get links to your business, as many ezine owners keep copies of their ezines on their sites, which helps you with link popularity inrepparttar 124270 search engines.

Plus, you allow people to get to know something about you and your business which allows you to develop a rapport with potential customers. In addition, I have met and established some great business contacts and met some fine people by writing articles.

I rememberrepparttar 124271 first article I wrote, I thought, "If I know this, EVERYBODY must know it!" Well, I found out that not everybody knew it. There is always someone out there who knows less than you do, so never be afraid to write about things you know.

KH: What methods do you use to promote your products or services within your ezine?

PG: I have a Recommended section in my ezine where I put my links. I try to find good business opportunities for my subscribers. If they look really good, I'll sign up for them and try them out to see ifrepparttar 124272 company is paying commissions on time. Ifrepparttar 124273 product turns out to be easy to sell, etc., and if I like it, I'll put it in my Recommended section. If I'm holding a sale, I will announce that close torepparttar 124274 beginning ofrepparttar 124275 ezine.

Why this is the perfect time to start charging for website subscriptions

Written by Peter A. Schaible

Why this isrepparttar perfect time to start charging for website subscriptions

by Peter A. Schaible

If you're a writer, researcher, subject matter expert, enthusiastic hobbyist, or an authority on almost any topic, there has never been a better time to start your own subscription website or online newsletter.

And if you're already publishing a hobby website, now isrepparttar 124262 ideal time to convert at least a portion ofrepparttar 124263 content to fee-paid access.

Smart website owners are now realizing just how valuable their hard-earned knowledge is to others. Much ofrepparttar 124264 information that used to be available for free to anyone and everyone onrepparttar 124265 World Wide Web is moving behind closed doors, accessible only to paying subscribers.

Savvy writers and publishers are not giving it away anymore. They're setting up profit-driven, members-only websites and building online communities of subscribers who value their knowledge. Perhaps surprisingly, resistance to paying for content is gradually melting away.

The end of free

This trend away from websites offering free information and toward a subscription, or pay-for-access business model, has several causes.

First, only a few websites operated by big companies can afford to provide valuable content without being compensated. Some of them can do it forrepparttar 124266 public relations value, but they arerepparttar 124267 exception.

The rest of us can't be so generous. And trying to recapture our expenses by selling advertising on our websites has failed to payrepparttar 124268 bills. Online advertising and click-through rates are onrepparttar 124269 decline.

Second, many people are now more than willing to pay to learn what you already know, as thousands of online publishers of subscription websites have already proven.

Why subscribers are ready to pay

The Internet has enabled people with similar interests to find each other and form online communities. Whether your interest is in politics, gardening, or model railroading,repparttar 124270 Internet enables you to connect to others who share your enthusiasms and values.

But inrepparttar 124271 current political and social climate, there is heightened anxiety and concern about privacy. If you previously contributed to public online discussion forums, you may now be feeling vulnerable. You never know who is lurking and reading your comments, or gathering information about you. One frequent concern: what spammers are harvesting your e-mail address?

However, inrepparttar 124272 seclusion of a subscribers-only website, you feel more protected. You can share ideas with an affinity group of like-minded people with less fear of ridicule or repercussions. The publisher moderatesrepparttar 124273 forum and promises to honor your privacy.

These concerns are not diminishing over time, they are intensifying as people perceiverepparttar 124274 world -- and cyberspace -- as an increasingly dangerous place. The result has been a proliferation of private, members-only, subscription websites and online newsletters covering literally hundreds of diverse and specialized topics.

Findingrepparttar 124275 right subscription business model

Coming up withrepparttar 124276 right topic for a successful subscription website is usuallyrepparttar 124277 biggest stumbling block for those wanting to get into this business. Choosing your site topic is a serious issue, asrepparttar 124278 topic you select pretty much dictates your chances of success with a subscription website.

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