Interviews With Successful Ezine Publishers - Jan Wallen

Written by Ken Hill

Jan Wallen is publisher of Serious Income, an ezine forrepparttar online entrepreneur. It includes articles, tips, and tools to help her readers achieve greater success in their online businesses.

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KH: How important has publishing an ezine been to your business?

JW: It has been very important in helping me establish relationships with people onrepparttar 124259 Internet. It adds that personal touch.

KH: How long have you been running an ezine and how many subscribers do you have?

JW: About 2 years, and I currently have 3500 subscribers. I had to take a lengthy hiatus due to some personal issues, butrepparttar 124260 main subscriber base stayed with me when I began publication again. I am now inrepparttar 124261 rebuilding phase.

KH: Do you submit your ezine to directories and/or announcement lists and if so how effective has this been in gaining new subscribers to your publication?

JW: I do submit to directories. This has worked quite well for me. I have not had very good response from announcement lists.

KH: Do you write and use your own articles to promote your ezine? How valuable has writing articles been in promoting your ezine?

JW: I do a combination of my own articles and fresh material by other well known and well respected internet business people. Writing my own articles and submitting them to other publications is a tremendous way to add new subscribers and create awareness of Serious Income.

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