Interview with Danny M and Joey of Dead Skin Mask

Written by Javier Escandoza

Javier Hey guys. Saw you Friday at Bonds 007. Nice job! (4/29/2005)

DannyM Cool! I'm glad you likedrepparttar show.

Javier Do you play 10 times faster than Slayer allrepparttar 137469 time, or just Friday? Wow!!

DannyM No, not allrepparttar 137470 time. When I practice at home I play along withrepparttar 137471 CD at Slayer speed. When we get together as a band, yes.... we always playrepparttar 137472 music faster. I doubt that we play it 10X faster, LOL!

Javier I did not think "Sex, Murder, Art" or "War Ensemble" could EVER be played faster than when Paul(Bostaph) was in Slayer. Well, you guys showed me it IS possible!!

Danny Slayer music is a beautiful thing. I loverepparttar 137473 energy, speed, aggression and chaos that I feel coming outrepparttar 137474 speakers at a Slayer concert. Hell, I can even feel it when I have any Slayer CD in my stereo. Playing Slayers music atrepparttar 137475 speeds we play at is very satisfying and addictive.

Javier Joey, you arerepparttar 137476 youngest in Dead Skin Mask. Have you been a Slayer fan all your life, or at least a good part of it?

Joey Well yeah, most of my life. When I was in Jr. High, my friend let me borrow Diabolus in Musica and I just thought it was and still isrepparttar 137477 greatest music I've ever heard. They had a sound like no other band had that was so dark.

Javier Have trouble getting intorepparttar 137478 clubs you play at?

Joey No, We haven't had any trouble YET with my age getting inrepparttar 137479 way of a gig.

Javier What "gear" are you using?

DannyM My main guitar is a ESP Custom Shop Jeff Hanneman. Itsrepparttar 137480 old style guitar withrepparttar 137481 a Kahler trem, SLAYER inlay atrepparttar 137482 12th fret. Its loaded with EMG 85's and has an EMG SPC installed. Its tuned to E flat and stringed with 10's. Yes, in my opinion, it is better than any Standard Series ESP guitar. It is better than any other guitar that I have ever owned or played! My back up guitar is an ESP/LTD Jeff Hanneman JH-600. Itsrepparttar 137483 one that was banned and hasrepparttar 137484 'S & Key' inlays. There are only 48 of these guitars inrepparttar 137485 world. I went thru many amps looking for my tone. Being in this band I also needed an amp that could nail Slayers tone and vibe. I use a Marshall JCM 800 2203X. It has SED Winged C EL34 power tubes and I put GT-12AX7-C pre amp tubes in V1 and V2. I put a Mesa SPAX7-A inrepparttar 137486 V3 position. I pushrepparttar 137487 amp with a stock SD-1. My cab, as you already know, is a ENGL Vintage Pro 4x12. That gear isrepparttar 137488 core of my sound. I get an amazingly authentic Slayer sound and vibe with that set up. I do not use any FX for my main Slayer tone. It’s all inrepparttar 137489 amp, guitar and my fingers. I do use a POD XT LIVE to add a bit of effects (delay + reverb) and a slight volume boost for leads. My signal chain looks like this: Guitar -> SD-1 -> Marshall 2203X -> Pod XT Live in FX loop for Lead guitar effects -> ENGL Pro 4x12.

We Came! We Saw! We Smiled! Las Vegas Philharmonic

Written by Robert LaGrone

Lights! Camera! Igintion! Why Do Carmakers Pay $600 to Place Their Autos in Movies?

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Greek gods! Beasts and birds! Shenanigans! Peace offerings! Toga parties! Tonight’s performance byrepparttar Las Vegas Philharmonic, titled “A World in Harmony,” was a veritable fun-house of images. I’ll try to limit my use of exclamation points.

The overture to The Thieving Magpie, by Gioacchino Rossini, can be described in one word: mischief. A maid is accused of stealing a silver spoon from her master’s house and is sentenced to death. Well, it is opera — but fortunately notrepparttar 137391 tragic kind, in which halfrepparttar 137392 characters die andrepparttar 137393 other half wish they could. Eventuallyrepparttar 137394 culprit is found to berepparttar 137395 bird named inrepparttar 137396 title, andrepparttar 137397 woman is exonerated. No word on whetherrepparttar 137398 magpie lives, though.

Nothing focusesrepparttar 137399 mind like an imminent deadline. The opera premiered in Milan on May 31, 1817, and Rossini later said, “I wroterepparttar 137400 overture to The Thieving Magpie onrepparttar 137401 day of its opening, inrepparttar 137402 theatre itself where I was imprisoned byrepparttar 137403 director and underrepparttar 137404 surveillance of four stage hands who were instructed to throw my original text throughrepparttar 137405 window, page by page, torepparttar 137406 copyists waiting below… In default of pages, they were ordered to throw me out ofrepparttar 137407 window.” Bothrepparttar 137408 overture andrepparttar 137409 overall opera were big hits that night, andrepparttar 137410 stage hands needed to manhandle onlyrepparttar 137411 scene props.

Speaking of working under pressure, Sergei Prokofiev composed his Violin Concerto No. 2 just before returning to live inrepparttar 137412 USSR in 1936. Stalin’s government wasn’t fond of avant-garde experimentation in music, and Russian composers weren’t fond of gulags. The concerto takesrepparttar 137413 standard three-movement form, contained no wild cadenzas forrepparttar 137414 soloist, and was “regarded by some as a musical olive branch torepparttar 137415 Soviet regime,” according to LV Phil Associate Conductor Dr. Richard McGee.

Award-winning guest violinist Chee-Yun took center stage for this concerto. Her arm pumped like a machine through rapid arpeggios inrepparttar 137416 energetic first movement.

The solo part was oddly separate fromrepparttar 137417 orchestral accompaniment. The relaxed second movement sounded more integrated and had a pleasant walking tempo. The allegro third movement had tricky ¾ rhythms that were often hard to follow. The finale contained a bit of unexpected percussion by castanets, bass drum, and muted cymbals. The end came unexpectedly, with Chee-Yun fiddling rapidly right torepparttar 137418 last staccato note. Both soloist and orchestra performed beautifully, but this concerto contains no melodies that will get stuck in your head like a Roger Miller tune. At intermission most of us were still humming Rossini.

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