Interview skills - Going for a Job

Written by Jo Ellen Grzyb

Hints and tips on CVs, interview skills and jobhunting.

Going for a New Job?

Jo Ellen has been offering some form of Careers advice forrepparttar past 15 years. She used to run career development workshops, and now does one-to-one sessions called Career Action. A couple of years ago Jo Ellen had a Careers Advice column in Cosmopolitan Magazine. Lots ofrepparttar 125486 queries she got were on Interview Techniques and how to getrepparttar 125487 perfect job. Here are some of her thoughts after years of helping people get where they want to go:

Interview rules

You hear all sorts of rules about job interviews: people decide about you inrepparttar 125488 first 10 seconds; you have to make a good first impression; always ask insightful questions; learn as much as you can aboutrepparttar 125489 company; they'll probably ask questions designed to trip you up, so have some quick answers atrepparttar 125490 ready.

Not bad, as far as rules go: some of them make perfect sense. But gettingrepparttar 125491 job you want isn't about following rules. It's about presenting yourself inrepparttar 125492 most authentic way that takes care of you andrepparttar 125493 interviewers atrepparttar 125494 same time.

So many people chuck their chances away: they don't take enough care and preparation so thatrepparttar 125495 whole process is enjoyable, stimulating and informative for both parties.

Your first opportunity: gettingrepparttar 125496 nterview

If you wantrepparttar 125497 job, chances are so do about a million other eager people, so your application has to stand out fromrepparttar 125498 crowd. British CVs are usually dull and boring, and people create them as historical documents, rather than as marketing tools. You can boost your chances of getting an interview by making your CV look and 'sound' special.

Use good paper, design a personal logo, fiddle withrepparttar 125499 layout to make it easy onrepparttar 125500 eyes. Edit it ruthlessly. People always put in too much detail. Highlightrepparttar 125501 bits that relate torepparttar 125502 job you're going for. They don't need to know you went to St Mary's School when you were 12! Put 'who you are now' atrepparttar 125503 beginning of your CV, and leave education and qualifications forrepparttar 125504 end.

If you don't have what you think arerepparttar 125505 right educational qualifications, don't worry. Just leave them off. If you include enough interesting and intriguing material about who you are now, what you didn't do is far less important.

I recommend a short paragraph atrepparttar 125506 beginning that says something about your personal qualities and your business skills. A short statement about what you're seeking can also go down a treat.

As we know, a job for life is so rare nowadays, that eclectic, unusual and even inconsistent CVs are OK as long as they're presented well.

Even if you think your current job stinks, look atrepparttar 125507 good points as though you were looking at it fromrepparttar 125508 outside in. Most jobs appear much better fromrepparttar 125509 outside than they do fromrepparttar 125510 inside (only you knowrepparttar 125511 real truth); so pump uprepparttar 125512 goodies and soft-pedalrepparttar 125513 baddies!

So that worked. You've gotrepparttar 125514 Interview; now what?

Here'srepparttar 125515 key andrepparttar 125516 most important thing to remember before you go throughrepparttar 125517 door. Unless they are simply going throughrepparttar 125518 motions because they've already appointed someone, they want it to be you.

10 Ways to Find Time for Your Lover

Written by Karla Brandau, CSP

Last Saturday I was standing in line atrepparttar post office whenrepparttar 125485 Asian man in front of me turned around and looked at what I was mailing. One package was in a 6 x 7 box provided byrepparttar 125486 postal service.

He looked at me and asked, “Free?” I nodded. Then he opened a plastic bag and gently took out a small gold box wrapped with a shimmering red ribbon. The package was beautiful.

I helped him look throughrepparttar 125487 boxes provided byrepparttar 125488 post office until we foundrepparttar 125489 perfect size. As he carefully placedrepparttar 125490 ribboned box inside, he asked to borrow my pen. I wasn’t trying to snoop, but I saw him carefully writerepparttar 125491 name of a woman with an address in New York City.

This was clearly a gift for his Valentine.

Valentines Day isrepparttar 125492 time when feelings of affection and intimacy are high. But for you, has Valentines Day ever become a time to apologize for neglect? Has it ever been a time to make up for lost opportunities of closeness withrepparttar 125493 one you love?

Couples in long-term relationships have a habit of taking each other for granted which makes Valentines Day a good time to refocus onrepparttar 125494 importance of each other.

I frequently have seminar participants tell me they are so busy just getting tactical items done for work, that their personal relationships are way down onrepparttar 125495 list.

I lookrepparttar 125496 participants inrepparttar 125497 eye say, ‘If you think your boss will be there for you when you are 85, stand up.’ The room fills with laughter asrepparttar 125498 point is made. People start reassessing their priorities and start putting relationships in their proper place.

The principle Brandau teaches is that jobs provide a measure of self-esteem andrepparttar 125499 money to buyrepparttar 125500 necessities along withrepparttar 125501 niceties of life, but sharing those with someone you love is what makes work worthwhile.

If you are caught inrepparttar 125502 work rat race and have a hard time finding time for your lover, try these tips:

1. Put anniversaries and birthdays into your calendar in Outlook, your PDA, or any other electronic devise with automatic reminders built in. Allow time to selectrepparttar 125503 appropriate gift by settingrepparttar 125504 reminder for 1 week in advance ofrepparttar 125505 actual date. 2. Make “do something” for your lover a “To-Do” list item. This “do something” can be as simple as moppingrepparttar 125506 floor, cleaningrepparttar 125507 toilets, taking inrepparttar 125508 dry cleaning, or sharingrepparttar 125509 remote control. As your love matures, “I love you” takes many forms.

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