Interview With An Up And Coming Musician From Toronto, Dan Goldman

Written by Norm Goldman

Today, Norm Goldman, Editor of and is delighted to have as our guest, Dan Goldman, Guitarist, Song Writer, Poet, Arranger and a musician of many other talents.

Dan is here to discuss his world of music and travels.


When did your passion for music begin? What keeps you going?

Dan: I can't quite remember when my passion began. It seems to have been an inborn appreciation. My earliest memories are of listening to old records and 8-track recordings that my parents had kicking aroundrepparttar house - anything from Kenny Rogers to Neil Diamond sparked my interest atrepparttar 144951 time. My father played piano, and I always loved listening to his romantic, albeit, slightly schmaltzy touch. I'd press my ear againstrepparttar 144952 soundboard to getrepparttar 144953 most out ofrepparttar 144954 vibrations.


Who wererepparttar 144955 musicians that influenced you?


There are too many to mention; but if I had to narrow it down, I'd say, in order of appearance: The Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, my uncle Issac, Classical guitar repertoire including Bach and most ofrepparttar 144956 Spanish composers, Joni Mitchell, Jim Hall, Bill Frisell and on and on.I'm currently into Wilco, Joanna Newsom, Lisa Germano, to name a few.


When on tour, do you notice any differences in audiences from one city torepparttar 144957 next, and if so, would you say that this may due to their geographical location. For example, how would you compare audiences in Vancouver to those in Toronto or Montreal insofar as your music is concerned?

Dan: Yes, I'd sayrepparttar 144958 main difference lies in how saturatedrepparttar 144959 market is. In Calgary, for instance, where there isn't as much traffic in terms of touring bands, I tend to get a warmer and more appreciative reception than in Toronto, where, although I play plenty of great gigs,repparttar 144960 audiences are somewhat numbed byrepparttar 144961 sheer volume of musicians around. Then again, performances are always different and anything I think isrepparttar 144962 rule is always put into question as soon as I play an unexpectedly great gig inrepparttar 144963 least likely situation.


What challenges or obstacles do you encounter while traveling and performing? How did you overcome these challenges?

Dan: I get nervous a lot. I'm fine when I'm actually performing, but I generally get stressed a couple of hours beforerepparttar 144964 show. It's really important for me to eat and rest appropriately so thatrepparttar 144965 stress doesn't take a toll on my performances. I generally try to put aside a certain amount of time every day that I'm on tour to warming up or to my sitting (meditation) practice.


Which is your favorite city to perform in? Why?

Dan: I can't say that I have one. Anywhere whererepparttar 144966 people are receptive and supportive becomesrepparttar 144967 best city.


How do you getrepparttar 144968 inspiration for your song and music writing?

Dan: I love music. It's not hard to get inspired, what's hard is following through and staying consistent with my writing practice. I find thatrepparttar 144969 only way to get to where I want to be expression-wise is to spendrepparttar 144970 time it takes; and you never know how long that's going to be, so you just keep going!

The End of TV

Written by Jesse S. Somer

Television will soon be another reason to hook up torepparttar Internet.

Inrepparttar 144883 not-so-distant future TV as we know it, will cease to exist. This is going to have huge ramifications onrepparttar 144884 whole of human society, or at leastrepparttar 144885 so-called 'wealthy' countries that sit in front ofrepparttar 144886 'magic-story-box' religiously everyday. I say 'so-called' because we obviously measure wealth in terms of material gain and not internal peace or gratitude for life. When television first appeared, likerepparttar 144887 telephone (see last article onrepparttar 144888 changing world of voice-communication: 'Internet nerds are actually secret prophets who changerepparttar 144889 way our world works. Check out Skype, a type of future communication technology.') TV was an incredible addition to our collective reality. However, we are inrepparttar 144890 'Information Age' and this means thatrepparttar 144891 ways we do things as a species are changing faster than you can say, "Humans humorously hunt for humble hints at how to have more happiness."

The coming ofrepparttar 144892 Internet spellsrepparttar 144893 end ofrepparttar 144894 television era, and this could also meanrepparttar 144895 end of years of walking around with mindless advertising jingles in your head. The other day when I was washingrepparttar 144896 dishes I absent-mindedly started to singrepparttar 144897 slogan from one of my local TV channels, "Bringing it home to you." If these silly songs are what they bring home to me, I am going to quite happy when they're gone. Thankfully, as TV shows are already putting episodes on-line these hard-core advertising techniques may soon disappear altogether. TV onrepparttar 144898 Internet means many things forrepparttar 144899 viewer. Asrepparttar 144900 show is coming straight to you instead of throughrepparttar 144901 old channel medium, you can have more control ofrepparttar 144902 show, with elements of video, like pause and rewind coming into play. Watching a show straight through without commercials sounds like a godsend indeed. TV websites will still need corporate sponsorship for promotion elsewhere, sorepparttar 144903 concept of 'product placement' that has already come into play will most probably evolve further, especially inrepparttar 144904 case of International companies whose products are available universally. Hopefully these 'placements' don't go too far from reality thus taking us metaphorically back to times of 'canned' laughter and obviously contrived dialogue.

I can just imagine Homer onrepparttar 144905 'Simpsons' suddenly changingrepparttar 144906 beer he drinks from 'Duff' to Budweiser because it 'tastes great and is less filling.' As if he ever cared whether his doughnuts came from Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Doughnuts, or cared about his weight for that matter! So of course with all changes in life come both sides ofrepparttar 144907 coin of positive and negative outcomes. Still, having TV integrated as another ofrepparttar 144908 infinite capabilities of your personal computer makes life more simple, not to mention thatrepparttar 144909 quality ofrepparttar 144910 broadcast will be equal torepparttar 144911 latest in digital technology.

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