Interview Mistakes

Written by James OKeefe

Masterful Resumes – Interview Traps

Interview Traps

It's tough to avoid typical interview traps if you're unsure what they are. Here are a half dozen to watch out for.

1. Confusing an Interview with an Interrogation.

Most candidates expect to be interrogated. An interrogation occurs when one person asks allrepparttar questions andrepparttar 140028 other givesrepparttar 140029 answers. An interview is a business conversation in which both people ask and respond to questions. Candidates who expect to be interrogated avoid asking questions, leavingrepparttar 140030 interviewer inrepparttar 140031 role of reluctant interrogator.

2. Making a So-Called Weakness Seem Positive.

Interviewers frequently ask candidates, " What are your weaknesses ?" Conventional interview wisdom dictates that you highlight a weakness like "I'm a perfectionist," and turn it into a positive. Interviewers are not impressed, because they've probably heardrepparttar 140032 same answer a hundred times. If you are asked this question, highlight a skill that you wish to improve upon and describe what you are doing to enhance your skill in this area. Interviewers don't care what your weaknesses are. They want to see how you handlerepparttar 140033 question and what your answer indicates about you.

3. Failing to Ask Questions.

Every interview concludes withrepparttar 140034 interviewer asking if you have any questions . The worst thing to say is that you have no questions. Having no questions prepared indicates you are not interested and not prepared. Interviewers are more impressed byrepparttar 140035 questions you ask thanrepparttar 140036 selling points you try to make. Before each interview, make a list of five questions you will ask. “I think a good question is, ‘Can you tell me about your career?'” says Kent Kirch, director of global recruiting at Deloitte. “Everybody likes to talk about themselves, so you're probably pretty safe asking that question.”


Written by Robert Bruce Baird

CHARLEMAGNE: - The Carolingians are fromrepparttar bastard child ofrepparttar 140011 Merovingians byrepparttar 140012 name of Charlesrepparttar 140013 Hammer Martel. Pepin started them off and Charlemagne isrepparttar 140014 most interesting one in this Holy Roman Empire. His purchase or reward to Alcuin for findingrepparttar 140015 scroll of Jasher and his possession ofrepparttar 140016 Spear used to piercerepparttar 140017 side of Jesus are interesting things to explore. Hopefully I will not need to comment uponrepparttar 140018 obvious bias inrepparttar 140019 following account but these things that pass for history are interesting.

“THOSE who have investigatedrepparttar 140020 origin ofrepparttar 140021 romantic fables relating to Charlemagne and his peers are of opinion thatrepparttar 140022 deeds of Charles Martel, and perhaps of other Charleses, have been blended in popular tradition with those properly belonging to Charlemagne. It was indeed a most momentous era; and if our readers will have patience, before entering onrepparttar 140023 perusal ofrepparttar 140024 fabulous annals which we are about to lay before them, to take a rapid survey ofrepparttar 140025 real history ofrepparttar 140026 times, they will find it hardly less romantic thanrepparttar 140027 tales ofrepparttar 140028 poets.

Inrepparttar 140029 century beginning fromrepparttar 140030 year 600,repparttar 140031 countries bordering uponrepparttar 140032 native land of our Saviour, torepparttar 140033 east and south, had not yet received his religion. Arabia wasrepparttar 140034 seat of an idolatrous religion resembling that ofrepparttar 140035 ancient Persians, who worshippedrepparttar 140036 sun, moon, and stars. In Mecca, inrepparttar 140037 year 571, Mahomet was born, and here, atrepparttar 140038 age of forty, he proclaimed himselfrepparttar 140039 prophet of God, in dignity as superior to Christ as Christ had been to Moses. Having obtained by slow degrees a considerable number of disciples, he resorted to arms to diffuse his religion. The energy and zeal of his followers, aided byrepparttar 140040 weakness ofrepparttar 140041 neighboring nations, enabled him and his successors to spreadrepparttar 140042 sway of Arabia andrepparttar 140043 religion of Mahomet overrepparttar 140044 countries torepparttar 140045 east as far asrepparttar 140046 Indus, northward over Persia and Asia Minor, westward over Egypt andrepparttar 140047 southern shores ofrepparttar 140048 Mediterranean, and thence overrepparttar 140049 principal portion of Spain. All this was done within one hundred years fromrepparttar 140050 Hegira, or flight of Mahomet from Mecca to Medina, which happened inrepparttar 140051 year 622, and isrepparttar 140052 era from which Mahometans reckon time, as we do fromrepparttar 140053 birth of Christ.” (8)

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