Interpreting Tarot Cards - Part 4

Written by Maria Svensson

Last time, we looked at a simplified tarot card reading technique using onlyrepparttar 22 major arcana cards, and we got as far asrepparttar 136966 Tower. We will resume in this article withrepparttar 136967 17th card,repparttar 136968 Star.

The Star is a symbol of inspiration and hope, as anyone who has ever looked up on a cloud-free night will understand. In readings,repparttar 136969 Star reminds us that there is light atrepparttar 136970 end ofrepparttar 136971 tunnel, no matter how grimrepparttar 136972 current situation may be. The Star is a promise that better times are onrepparttar 136973 way, and now is NOTrepparttar 136974 time to despair. In a broader sense, (according to everyone at !) if you have been holding back, now might berepparttar 136975 time for a big push. Althoughrepparttar 136976 Star is Hope, it is not a practical card - you must supply that real-world practicality yourself. Above all,repparttar 136977 Star reminds you that you are onrepparttar 136978 right track, and only need to take positive right-minded action to realize your goals.

The next card inrepparttar 136979 Major Arcana isrepparttar 136980 Moon. This card informs us thatrepparttar 136981 world we see is only a very small part of reality, and it is onlyrepparttar 136982 filters of our consciousness that stop us experiencingrepparttar 136983 universe fully in all its glory. Likerepparttar 136984 Star,repparttar 136985 Moon is a card of Hope. Whatever you desire can be yours, if you followrepparttar 136986 right path to get it. The Moon may also reflect hidden fears and worries,repparttar 136987 kind that come in nightmares. It is also a warning against deception - do not follow an illusion inrepparttar 136988 moonlight, unless you really want to be lost inrepparttar 136989 dark. If you are already lost,repparttar 136990 Moon tells you in no uncertain terms that now isrepparttar 136991 time to findrepparttar 136992 path again.

Next up, as you might have guessed isrepparttar 136993 Sun. A very positive card,repparttar 136994 Sun essentially confirms what you may already be feeling, that you haverepparttar 136995 energy and drive needed to winrepparttar 136996 current battle. That you are onrepparttar 136997 path to success. That all you desire is now inrepparttar 136998 process of falling with your orbit. At, we believe that it may occasionally be a warning that over-confidence can be dangerous, althoughrepparttar 136999 card needs to be reversed for this - seerepparttar 137000 later article on reading plans.

Ninjutsu - Ninja Secrets For Modern-Day Ninja Master

Written by Graeme Sprigge

How to Become A Modern-day Ninja Master

The ninja were a military order in Japan. Most people have seen them in movies and fictional books.

They arerepparttar guys dressed inrepparttar 136810 black suits that seem to have amazing powers, such as climbingrepparttar 136811 outside of buildings with no rope, or jumping straight up into trees.

But behind all that isrepparttar 136812 true mystery ofrepparttar 136813 ninja master, who has very definite training. The actual martial art has a name, which is ninjutsu. Jutsu is a Japanese word for way.

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