Interpreting Tarot Cards - Part 3

Written by Maria Svensson

Inrepparttar previous article, we looked at an easy tarot card reading method using justrepparttar 105653 22 major arcana cards, and got as far asrepparttar 105654 Wheel of Fortune. We will carry on this week withrepparttar 105655 11th card, Justice.

Justice reminds us in an almost karma-like way that ultimately, life is fair and just, and our deeds have to be answered for. If you are in a moral dilemma, or are unsure which of two paths to take, expect this card to feature heavily in your readings. You may also find it if you are suffering remorse for past actions, or have done something particularly good -repparttar 105656 deed has come back to you. You are being put on warning that no deed however small goes unnoticed, and ALL need to be paid for eventually, even is this just means accepting responsibility for your actions.

Next up, possiblyrepparttar 105657 scariest and well-know ofrepparttar 105658 tarot cards,repparttar 105659 'Hanged Man'. The Hanged Man is telling us that sometimes,repparttar 105660 only way to truly control is to set free, to let go. In readings,repparttar 105661 Hanged Man should alert you torepparttar 105662 fact thatrepparttar 105663 best answer to a problem is not alwaysrepparttar 105664 most obvious. On occasion,repparttar 105665 desire for action can be counter-productive, and you must withhold from precipitous jumps. This counterintuitive reasoning has to be experienced to be understood.

The next card, card 13, is Death. Of course, it has no relation to physical death, but is associated with endings, or openings of new doorways. Great changes are often heralded by this tarot card. The end of an era can be a sad time, but you must see it for what it really is - an opportunity to grow intorepparttar 105666 next stage ofrepparttar 105667 cycle. The card may also be a warning that irresistible events are about to unfold, and 'going withrepparttar 105668 flow' isrepparttar 105669 only way to keep your head aboverepparttar 105670 turbulent waters. By swimming withrepparttar 105671 current, you will reach your destination faster.

Temperance isrepparttar 105672 next tarot card ofrepparttar 105673 major arcana. Temperance means showing moderation and self-control. This card is often a warning that you must slow down if you are to center yourself again. While this may seem dull, even a hurricane has calmness atrepparttar 105674 center. Certain other cards reinforcerepparttar 105675 voice of Temperance, and make it doubly important that you 'reign in' your wildness and rediscover your balance, your 'wa'. If you are inrepparttar 105676 middle of a conflict,repparttar 105677 Temperance card is a warning that you should seekrepparttar 105678 middle ground - an outright victory is impossible, and both sides will lose. In health terms, Temperance suggestsrepparttar 105679 worst may be over - and better times lie ahead.


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