Interpreting Tarot Cards - Part 2

Written by Maria Svensson

Last time we looked at a simplified tarot card reading scheme based onrepparttar 22 major arcana cards, and got as far asrepparttar 122106 Emperor. We will continue this week withrepparttar 122107 5th card,repparttar 122108 Hierophant.

A Hierophant is someone who interprets secret knowledge, and represents learning, often in a religious context. In readings,repparttar 122109 Hierophant represents learning fromrepparttar 122110 experts, or official institutions. This card can symbolizerepparttar 122111 fact that you face an internal struggle with reactionary drives or forces, and need to be more freethinking. It also puts you on warning that not all learning comes from dusty old text books.

Next tarot card isrepparttar 122112 Lovers. Obviously, this card represents both love and sex. In a readingrepparttar 122113 Lovers can indicate a crossroads in your path, usually moral in nature. The choice betweenrepparttar 122114 high ground and your base desires is yours, of course. How you make that decision betweenrepparttar 122115 base andrepparttar 122116 lofty reflects what sort of a person you are, asrepparttar 122117 easy route quite often turns out to be not so easy after all.

The Chariot isrepparttar 122118 next Tarot card we shall look at. At we believe that this card signifiesrepparttar 122119 need for positive control. This means firm decisions, not brutal ones. Self control is strongly marked with this card, as isrepparttar 122120 concept of victory. The Chariot, though, does not allow for win-win scenarios - there will be a loser in this episode. Your competition must be defeated in order for you to win, isrepparttar 122121 message of this card.

Afterrepparttar 122122 Chariot comes Strength, and this is not just physical strength, butrepparttar 122123 inner qualities of perseverance, courage, determination and calmness in a crisis. These qualities arerepparttar 122124 ones that help you not to give up, and persistence isrepparttar 122125 message here. You must also note that too much strength can be counter-productive. Forbearance and patience can also be signs of inner strength.

Home Blessing Magick

Written by Cyann

A home blessing meditation for charging a room:

Sit Straight with palms on lap, take deep breaths, relax, and move into a mental space where you activate your intuitive senses.

Imagine a cord of energy from your spine connecting you torepparttar Earth, and channel energy fromrepparttar 122105 Earth through it.

Silently ask for divine protection, guidance, and blessing.

Direct your psychic sensing outward, and feel lines of force coming out of your aura.

Note whererepparttar 122106 strongest energy is (check outrepparttar 122107 floor, ceiling, directions, etc.), Note spots that feel empty or dead, note places that feel full alive, focus on where you are sitting and how you feel at that particular spot.

Imagine a sphere of light and love energy at your heart, feel it pulsing outward with every breath.

Feelrepparttar 122108 radiance increase with every breath, feel your self as a star, continue to breathe deeply and send outrepparttar 122109 energy, letting it pulsate inrepparttar 122110 room.

When ready, start making power sounds representingrepparttar 122111 love and light you are channeling; use it to amplifyrepparttar 122112 light you are weaving; and fillrepparttar 122113 room withrepparttar 122114 energy.

Then shift focus to sending a probe out intorepparttar 122115 room. Noterepparttar 122116 differences inrepparttar 122117 quality of energy and how you feel about it.

Repeat if necessary.

When done, feelrepparttar 122118 completeness ofrepparttar 122119 work.

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