Interpreting Tarot Cards

Written by Maria Svensson

Interpreting Tarot cards is, as you might expect, quite difficult and requires much practice. So is there an easy way? A short cut? yes - by focusing only onrepparttar Major Arcana cards. What arerepparttar 122125 major cards I hear you ask? The standard tarot deck, whatever imagery is used to depictrepparttar 122126 symbols, is 78 cards in 2 sections, namelyrepparttar 122127 major and minor arcanas. The major cards are by farrepparttar 122128 most important, and for quick readings, it is perfectly permissible simply to discardrepparttar 122129 minor cards and concentrate solely onrepparttar 122130 major arcana ('secrets' in latin). To lay outrepparttar 122131 cards in a standard reading is beyondrepparttar 122132 scope of this article, consult if you need instructions on how to start a reading.

There are 22 major arcana cards, each one of which symbolizes an aspect of our existence. In our lives, we are constantly influenced in terms of our essential drives by forces that are depicted inrepparttar 122133 Tarot. Together,repparttar 122134 major Arcana representrepparttar 122135 'Fools Journey' -repparttar 122136 trip we all make - our lives in other words. To become a fully rounded individual and completerepparttar 122137 journey successfully, each quality represented byrepparttar 122138 cards must be experienced or in some cases mastered.

These 'qualities' we all must experience are universal, although of courserepparttar 122139 order they occur in our lives andrepparttar 122140 particular formrepparttar 122141 lesson takes is completely individual. Fromrepparttar 122142 '0' card (representing our first awareness) to card 21 (fulfillment), each of these cards is a stage onrepparttar 122143 road to our final destination. When giving a reading, you must remember that although these universal experiences and lessons must be in everyone's life, your client will not have experienced them inrepparttar 122144 same way as you (or even at all yet!) and so you must be careful not to superimpose your own life experiences onrepparttar 122145 cards as they fall.

Takingrepparttar 122146 cards in order, we start withrepparttar 122147 Fool. Based onrepparttar 122148 medieval 'jester',repparttar 122149 Fool can watch, mimic and make fun of others. Asrepparttar 122150 Fool is essentially unpredictable and full of surprises, this card is a reminder that life has unlimited potential. Simultaneously,repparttar 122151 Fool stresses that fact that life is basically good. The very innocence ofrepparttar 122152 Fool brings him joy. In readings,repparttar 122153 Fool often signals a new start or change in direction. He also puts you on guard to keep your faith and trust your own instincts. Believe in yourself and follow your heart, your own convictions are right, and no one else can tell you otherwise, no matter how mad your course may seem onrepparttar 122154 outside.

Psychic Self Defense in Real Life

Written by Dale Power

When isrepparttar last time you were attacked by a ghost? Or chased down a dark alley by a Werewolf? Think back torepparttar 122124 last time your life was ruined by a powerful sorcerer or witch. (No offense to Wiccans here. Lets face it though, not everyone is as nice as you are.) Seriously. Think really hard about it.

Been awhile?

Most of us need to be a bit more worried about muggers than monsters. Road rage is a bigger danger than demonic possession in day to day life. The point? We need to protect our bodies as well as our minds. While we are at it, maybe we could protect our wallets as well. Most ofrepparttar 122125 time when you read an article onrepparttar 122126 topic of psychic self-defense, you get lectured about not using a ouija board and a basic primer on shielding. These are wonderful tools to use if a Svengalli is trying to take over your mind or your pushy neighbor is having a bad day and projecting it full power to everyone within fifty miles, just when you need to go to bed.

How about protecting your body though? Can psychic self-defense help you out in that regard at all?

Surprisingly,repparttar 122127 answer is yes!

Here, briefly, are some techniques that can help you protect yourself from physical harm. These are all methods I have used personally and tested in real life situations. One note of caution however, do not take these methods lightly. You must approach these techniques with a serious mind and proper intent if you wish to use them successfully. After all, you are not trying to make a plant grow a little taller or guess who will call you next onrepparttar 122128 phone, you are trying to protect your life. Dorepparttar 122129 work and make it count.

First Technique: Empathic Field Generation

It may sound a little weak at first, but think about it for a moment, most people that are attacked are dealing with an enraged person. If you can produce a feeling of calm in them beforerepparttar 122130 attack takes place, they are much less likely to even try.

*Relax and quiet your mind. You will wish to hold a conceptual mind state as much as possible. Think in ideas rather than words or pictures.

*Definerepparttar 122131 space ofrepparttar 122132 effect. To do this holdrepparttar 122133 idea in your mind of a bubble around your body that goes out about twenty feet or so. Remember, you simply “know”repparttar 122134 field is there and how big it is. Your subconscious mind will take care ofrepparttar 122135 rest. This should be done for at least five minutes.

*Once you have definedrepparttar 122136 space you wish to condition to your satisfaction, shiftrepparttar 122137 concept you are holding to one of relaxed calm and friendliness that fillsrepparttar 122138 entire field, make sure you definerepparttar 122139 idea that it will effect those around you and not yourself, unless you want it to do that as well. This should take around ten to fifteen minutes.

*The next step is to makerepparttar 122140 field self-sustaining. Holdrepparttar 122141 concept ofrepparttar 122142 field as you have generated it. Then add torepparttar 122143 conceptrepparttar 122144 idea that each part ofrepparttar 122145 field will tell every other part to continue to function at full strength at all times. Hold this whole, organized field for at least five minutes.

This will give you around a week of very solid coverage. If you wish you can arrangerepparttar 122146 structure to reflect any emotion or mental state you can think of. It is best to keeprepparttar 122147 idea simple to start with, a basic field that does what you want is much better than a complex field that has “strange” consequences. Here are some variations you could use just by replacingrepparttar 122148 central idea you use.

1. Aversion. Holdrepparttar 122149 idea that anyone who would do harm to others will simply not wish to stay around you. I have used this to very good effect in some very dangerous situations.

2. Confusion. Replacerepparttar 122150 central idea to one of dangerous people having a difficult time in thinking. You have to be very careful that you are targeting only harmful people and thatrepparttar 122151 field strength is very high and tightly focused!. An enraged person that is a little befuddled can still hurt you. In fact they, are likely to. You have to make sure that they cannot even think about hurting anyone without being distracted and confused. Doublerepparttar 122152 overall time spent on this one if you are going to use it.

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