Internet Promotion: Ezines

Written by Richard Lowe

One ofrepparttar more important things that you can do to generate return visits to your web site is to publish an e-newsletter (or e-zine). Give your visitors a chance to subscribe on your home page, and you've got them for life! That is, as long as you send a newsletter on occasion and make it interesting.

Here'srepparttar 125167 problem: someone visits your site and likes it. Butrepparttar 125168 internet is a big place, so he may never return. But if you can get him to sign up for an e-newsletter, you'll get a chance to remind him to come back periodically.

Send something out at least once a month. Less often than that and you are losing out. If you can do it, send out an e-newsletter more often, even once a week.

What do you put into this newsletter? Well, you should be changing your site all ofrepparttar 125169 time. A stale site simply will not make it onrepparttar 125170 web. That'srepparttar 125171 first thing to put in your e-newsletter - changes. You want to remind your visitors that you exist and that there is new content for them to look at.

Point out new content without giving awayrepparttar 125172 store. For example, if you've written an article about money making opportunities onrepparttar 125173 web, then describerepparttar 125174 article. Don't includerepparttar 125175 article as you want to getrepparttar 125176 guy back to your site.

Internet Promotion: Link Exchange

Written by Richard Lowe

Most good web sites have a "links" or "favorites" section which recommends other good sites. Sometimes these sites are related in some way torepparttar primary purpose ofrepparttar 125166 site, and sometimes they have nothing to do with it at all.

This is a great idea and every site should have one. Why? It allows you to "exchange links" with other webmasters. This is a great way to get some additional traffic to your site for little effort.

Here's how it works. You are a webmaster with a site about peanuts surfingrepparttar 125167 web. You come across another site all about peanuts and it looks pretty good. You add that site to your links page, then sendrepparttar 125168 webmaster an email requesting that he put your link on his page (make sure he has a links page first). If you have some banners or buttons, attach those torepparttar 125169 email (if appropriate) and offer to let him use one of those. Be sure to make it easy for him by including all ofrepparttar 125170 URLs and other data that he needs.

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