Internet Promotion: Autoresponder Thank You Messages

Written by Richard Lowe

Okay, how do you get people to voluntarily give your their email address? By providing many opportunities for visitors to submit something ... anything. Each of these forms should include a place for them to enter their email address.

Now, do NOT sell or give out these email addresses. There is no need to do this, and in fact there are significant reasons to not do so. Most people do not want their private data spread all overrepparttar internet, and very few people want to wind up on hundreds or thousands of spam lists.

One valuable, non-spam way to use these email addresses is called an autoresponder. What this means is that you send out an automatic email message whenrepparttar 125162 user submits something to you. Just one message, which can say anything that you want.

Be sure that you indicate you are doing this inrepparttar 125163 description of whatever from they are filling out. A simple line like "you will receive one email confirming your entry" or something like that is all you need.

Some examples of where this is appropriate:

- Guest book - Polls and surveys - Feedback forms - Any other form that you haverepparttar 125164 user fill out which includes his email address.

Keep this email very short (one screen maximum) and be sure and include a way for him to opt-in (sign up) for your email newsletter (I assume you've got an email newsletter?). This will permanently give you, with your visitor's permission, his email address. Again, respect your visitor's privacy. You where given an email address for a specific purpose. Don't abuse it or you will lose your visitor.

15 Ways To Save Your StartBlaze Pages From Invisibility

Written by Stewart Hutton

There can be few people reading this who haven't heard of StartBlaze -repparttar free traffic generating system that came from nowhere and is now sweeping acrossrepparttar 125161 internet thanks to its viral recruitment design andrepparttar 125162 way it delivers traffic that grows exponentially.

But I guess anything that was created by Mark Joyner (CEO of andrepparttar 125163 guy who brought us ROIbot, Promote- Ivator, and allrepparttar 125164 rest) would have instant credibility with webmasters everywhere.

Running a really effective StartBlaze campaign starts withrepparttar 125165 design ofrepparttar 125166 target URL -repparttar 125167 page that you want other StartBlaze members to see.

Your page might sell a product for you, sign up subscribers for your newsletter, lead to an affiliate site - anything you want.

But to work on StartBlaze - it must load fast.

Scorchingly FAST.

No matter how convincing your copy is, regardless of how compellingrepparttar 125168 offer - if they can't see it, they can't be influenced by it. If your target page isn't on screen before they have time to type in a URL or choose a "favorites" entry - you've crashed and burned.

So, in this article, let's look in some detail at what you can do to make fast StartBlaze pages.

Firstly, how long a web page takes to display is a function of several things:

1) The total amount of data to be transferred from host (the server)to client (the PC). Crudely, this isrepparttar 125169 size ofrepparttar 125170 html file +repparttar 125171 size of allrepparttar 125172 graphics onrepparttar 125173 page.

2) The number of different connections that must be made to retrieve allrepparttar 125174 files required forrepparttar 125175 page. Each html file, graphic, external style sheet, server script, SSI, etc. is a separate connection - and each comes with its own built-in delay.

3) How complexrepparttar 125176 page is forrepparttar 125177 browser to render. Every page requiresrepparttar 125178 browser to make many decisions and perform calculations before it can deliver a page that looks right.

... and to make matters worse, these factors are influenced by a whole raft of additional variables such asrepparttar 125179 performance and loading on every host server involved,repparttar 125180 user's internet connection speed, how busyrepparttar 125181 internet is at that time,repparttar 125182 performance ofrepparttar 125183 user's computer andrepparttar 125184 browser they use.

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