Internet Marketing and Public Speaking: Seven Steps to a Successful Murder Board

Written by Larry Tracy

Copyright 2005 Larry Tracy

I recently posted an article providing tips on public speaking for internet marketers, and was bombarded with Emails asking me to expand on one tip in particular—how to conduct a Murder Board, a realistic simulated practice. I did so in a follow-up article providing a more detailed explanation of this practice method, which has its origins inrepparttar US military. Now, below, I providerepparttar 136032 seven step method to conduct this invaluable practice. This is excerpted from Chapter 14 of my book, The Shortcut to Persuasive Presentations.

To have a successful and productive Murder Board enabling you to hone your skills and anticipaterepparttar 136033 difficult questions and comments requiring a response, I have found seven separate steps must be followed.

1. Recruiting 2. Sharing audience Intelligence 3. Role-playing by participants 4. Video-taping and/or audio-taping 5. Critique of presenter's Style and Substance 6. Recording on cards of all questions asked 7. Revision ofrepparttar 136034 presentation

Let's take a look at each of these steps.

1. Recruiting

In recruiting people to be on your Murder Board,repparttar 136035 best place to start is with knowledgeable colleagues. Request no more than four of these colleagues to be your simulated audience.

Keep in mind, however, that if these colleagues think thatrepparttar 136036 objective ofrepparttar 136037 Murder Board is only to help you look good, they probably will not want to give up their valuable time. You must give them an incentive tied to their self-interest.

They will have their own priorities. You should frame your request in such a way that these colleagues see a potential dividend accruing to them by investing their time. Remember from your own experience that "What's in it for me?" isrepparttar 136038 prime motivator for people to take action. You must find a way to have these colleagues believe they will gain some benefit by being in your simulated audience.

Reciprocity isrepparttar 136039 key. My advice is to recruit only people who themselves will speak in public.. Then you say, "If you will be on my Murder Board now, I will be on yours when you must make a presentation." Presto. They see a potential benefit inrepparttar 136040 future by spending some time with you now.

2. Sharing Audience Intelligence

Becauserepparttar 136041 purpose of a Murder Board is to create an environment forrepparttar 136042 presenter similar torepparttar 136043 actual situation to be faced, it is important that those playingrepparttar 136044 members ofrepparttar 136045 audience be armed with as much information about this audience as possible.

Participants must be steeped inrepparttar 136046 details ofrepparttar 136047 issue being presented so they can put themselves inrepparttar 136048 mental framework ofrepparttar 136049 people who will be in your actual audience. Information onrepparttar 136050 personal styles, idiosyncrasies, temperament, etc. of these audience members provides insight into how they will react to certain comments or proposals. Your colleagues can better role-play if they have this information. The more you know about personalities of audience members,repparttar 136051 less surprised you will be inrepparttar 136052 presentation.

3. Role-playing by participants

The success or failure of a Murder Board ultimately depends on its realism. The closer it is torepparttar 136053 real thing,repparttar 136054 better prepared will berepparttar 136055 presenter. This realism, to a great degree, depends onrepparttar 136056 ability of your colleagues to get intorepparttar 136057 heads ofrepparttar 136058 key players in your actual audience.

This does not mean having a great gift for acting or mimicry; but it does mean trying to think likerepparttar 136059 people inrepparttar 136060 audience so that statements made byrepparttar 136061 presenter will provoke questions likely to be asked byrepparttar 136062 actual audience.

After sharing allrepparttar 136063 intelligence gained onrepparttar 136064 audience, and eliciting from participants any insights they have on these people, assign specific roles to participants. If you are presenting to senior executives, you most certainly want a person to playrepparttar 136065 key decision maker.

4. Video-taping / audio-taping

The actual conduct ofrepparttar 136066 Murder Board is likely to not run smoothly, with various interruptions and discussions. Moreover,repparttar 136067 presenter cannot be expected to remember allrepparttar 136068 comments, bits of advice, and questions asked. Consequently, much ofrepparttar 136069 spontaneous, valuable information could be lost, even if someone is taking careful notes.

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