Internet Marketing Tip - Go For The Bronze

Written by Steven Schwartzman

Go forrepparttar bronze.

Repeat...go forrepparttar 149112 bronze.

That's right, NOTrepparttar 149113 gold.

Lets look at this another way. If you are learning how to read, will you start off by reading difficult philosophy?

Certainly not! You will begin by reading short, simple books with small words.

Lets apply this to your Internet Marketing career.

Too many times I have seen Internet Marketers trying to "Go forrepparttar 149114 gold" when they are simply not ready to do so.

If I may steal a line from one of my favorite movies, "What about Bob?" you must take baby steps.

The Internet Marketing field is HUGE...

Be Different And Profit

Written by Steven Schwartzman

I've just spent 3 hours surfingrepparttar web and found 47 different Internet Marketing courses. I read every single sales page and decided not to buy ANY of them.


Because they teach Internet Marketing; a how-to eBook or course that teaches you everything you need to know, most selling for under $40. Now I ask you...

...How could someone sell an eBook with EVERYTHING you need to know about Internet Marketing for under $40?

Easy, they omitrepparttar 149111 details, andrepparttar 149112 details are whererepparttar 149113 money is.

It's time you focused onrepparttar 149114 details and started producing quality products.

It's no secret that real profits come only after you create your own quality product. But YOU must focus onrepparttar 149115 details.

How do you focus onrepparttar 149116 details?

Simple...the key lies in specialization.

Any Jim, Dick, or Harry can write an eBook and sell it onrepparttar 149117 Net. If Jim decides to write an eBook on Internet Marketing, I doubt he will have much success.

Lets analyze what Jim must do.

Jim considers himself to be an Internet Marketing expert. He knows every aspect of Internet Business and decides to write an eBook. Now, Jim must decide what to write about, since he knows Internet Marketing is too broad a topic.

He decides that he is an expert on building an opt-in email list, something he knows is essential to his success. But Jim does not stop there...

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