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How to Unlock the Million-Dollar Idea Trapped in Your Mind

Written by Daren Armstrong

How to Unlockrepparttar Million-Dollar Idea Trapped in Your Mind By Daren Armstrong Everyone, evenrepparttar 117307 most left-brained, math-loving people have creative ideas locked away in their minds, and probably at least one, million-dollar idea. Sound unlikely? Itís definitely not. People who claim to be void of creativity simply donít know how to unlock it. According to Anthony Robbins, creator ofrepparttar 117308 #1 bestselling audio program, "Unlimited Power," and fortune 500 consultant says, "Creativity is essential for those who desire to have, do and achieve anything they want out of life". Does that mean those of us who donít know how to unlock our creativity canít get what we want out of life? Absolutely not! The ability to access innate creativity is a natural gift for some people, but it is a learned skill for others. For instance, did you know that we can all have Ďcreative inspirationsí while wide awake but in a special reflective frame of mind that can be utilized naturally at least twelve time a day? And did you know that what you eat has a dramatic effect onrepparttar 117309 brain functions that control creativity? In fact, a certain popular food actually contains a substance used in sleeping tablets. Probably notrepparttar 117310 best thing for creativity. But there are also foods that enhance your creativity. The point is, creativity can be cultivated in a variety of ways.

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