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21 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Any Shopping Cart System

Written by Tom Antion

21 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Any Shopping Cart System by Tom Antion

Once you've decided which product your going to sell online,repparttar next most important decision you'll make is which shopping cart system to buy. It is perhapsrepparttar 117641 most important single decision you'll make in your online marketing career. This is because:

* You're sort of stuck withrepparttar 117642 decision for a long time.

* If you buy into a system that isn't adequate, it can cost you money. BIG money.

* There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of off-the-shelf alternative products out there vying for your money, time or both.

* Even if you decide you've made a mistake, switching shopping cart systems is really difficult.

I know. I learnedrepparttar 117643 hard way. When I started in this business I couldn't find a decent shopping cart program so I rolled my own. What a headache. Inrepparttar 117644 process of living with that monstrosity - - and shopping for a suitable replacement -- overrepparttar 117645 last couple of years, I've come up with something I think you'll find useful.

Here are 21 questions you absolutely, unfailingly MUST ask anyone trying to sell you a shopping cart, custom or otherwise. If you don't hear good positive answers torepparttar 117646 vast majority of these questions, put your wallet back into your pocket and move torepparttar 117647 next choice. Don't get stuck with a crappy shopping cart. (If you want to know even more about this subject, you can download a free eBook "How to Pick a Shopping Cart System That Makes You Money," from my site at You can even redistribute that book to others if you want to share these insights!)

1. Will it calculate shipping & tax?

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